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To offer a slightly different perspective, perhaps I got my first email account when I was 11, a yahoo runescape gold account to email a friend in a different country (the country we left to come to Canada). This was about ten years ago. I signed up for it at the library, because we didn't have reliable internet access at home at the time.

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I have a 12 yo who has a good head on her shoulders. We set up an email account we could monitor. About a year ago I discovered that she'd opened her own gmail account. Nothing nefarious intended. But since she was the techy I showed her exactly how to delete a gmail account.

I talked to her then about the good, bad, and the ugly of the net. Thought that was taken care of until I walked into her room one day and she immediately closed the lid of the laptop. My parent radar suddenly turned on and I walked up and asked her what she was doing while I opened the lid. Turns out she'd opened another gmail account and was communicating with a "girl" who worked at Cirque du Soleil.

I had a more serious talk with her about trust trust on both sides. I wanted her to trust us and I wanted her to know we wanted to trust her. And, of course, I talked about the "girl" from the circus and just who that might be.My daughter is an intelligent person. But intelligence isn't the same as worldly experience. We're trying to balance the "dangers" out there with the positive aspects on the net.

The world is so very different now, most for the better but certainly unknown in all its dimensions. Thanks Taken your 12 y/o sounds like what we may have to face with ours.What's hard for parents is that we don't have our own childhoods to rely on. The world is a much different place than when we were children.

A sudden burst of energy felt like I could conquer the world, not watching porn along with not masturbating. I had more time to things that needed to be done allowed me to shift my focus. What I didn't realize right away is that my consumption of alcohol went through the roof ! 12+ drinks a day every day. Kinda getting a grip on that now. .
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