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The team is winning the battle of the trenches.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a well-documented five game winning streak , and there are some outsiders who might be wondering what is going on which has caused such a drastic change after a dreadful 1-2-1 start. The answer? When talking about the battle of the trenches, the main talking point is about the sack stats for the Steelers. The offensive lines ability to keep players from sacking Ben Roethlisberger, and the defense’s ability to get to the opposing quarterback.Check out the stats up to Week 10, per Dom Rinelli of the Steelers Public Relations team:Some pretty impressive statistics, and when you think about how the team started in the month of September, it has been a remarkable turnaround for both sides of the ball.When you are talking about offensive and defensive line play Youth Jon Bostic Jersey , there is no doubt improvement has been noticeable in more than just the sack department. James Conner has had gaping holes to run through, and the defensive line has shut down opponents’ running game with elite efficiency.It is safe to say, this 2018 Steelers team will go as far as their big men take them, and so far they are looking pretty stellar throughout the first 10 weeks of the regular season. There are unwritten rules in football similar to those in other sports. In baseball, if your star player gets hit by a pitch, which was believed to be intentional , the opponent’s star player should expect to get a pitch thrown at him his next time up.In hockey, if you take a run at a player, you should expect several other players to return the favor at their soonest opportunity.In football, if you take a cheap shot at a quarterback, there will be players to come and stick up for their teammate.This is exactly what happened in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 52-21 win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 10 on Thursday Night Football. When safety Eric Reid hit Ben Roethlisberger high, while sliding Le'Veon Bell Jersey , teammates, mainly David DeCastro and Maurkice Pouncey, took to Roethlisberger’s aide.One former Steelers’ great, guard Alan Faneca, took to Twitter to say how he not only agreed with DeCastro’s decision, but supported it.Faneca would go a step further and talk about how what the Steelers’ linemen did was something which was more than appropriate Authentic Maurkice Pouncey Jersey , given the situation.Reid was ejected from the game after his hit, but did you like the line’s reaction to the hit? Or was it over the line? On top of that, was Reid’s hit worthy of an ejection? Either way, Faneca sure enjoyed it! Custom Minnesota Vikings Jerseys

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