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overview for ZanbonSenHow old the kiddo being would help, but look into Human Fall Flat. It not runescape gold amazing but it a really fun physics 3D platformer with some interesting controls. I assume if two men in their late 20 like it, a father and son co op run seems like it would be fun as well.

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Gab pretty much became the "banned from Twitter" site, so it had a lot more far right/extreme views then Twitters left wing userbase. Both platforms have bad people, but there so many normal users on twitter that the extreme left or right on Twitter are harder to pick off or blend into the background. This whole thing with Gab is 100% guilt by association since it not really used by normal people and it really easy to paint a narrative/agenda when you a niche or unknown website

Yes. that what I saying? I saying SC2 looks good despite the marine model looking like ass because individual unit detail does not matter for an RTS, so complaining that it not as detailed as you expect is asinine.
Halo Wars 2 models look like shit lol. Yeah the set design is gorgeous, but zoom in a bit and look at those unit models.

W3R trees need to all look the same because 1) that how the original War3 tree system worked and it using the same exact map data since all maps are compatible, and 2) the trees actually serve a gameplay purpose and are more than just terrain, they literally a resource. Despite this, they still look pretty good from the top. My earlier screenshot was not as flattering because it taken at an angle that you don see in gameplay.

As for the lighting, I think they said that it a work in progress. Also, grass detail doesn exist in War3 because of how tilesets work in maps; they literally just a grid of squares that are either one tile or another. There no foliage or terrain blending or anything like there is in SC2. That being said, they shown some in some screenshots but not others, so I not really sure what going on there. It probably reserved for cinematic use.

It only bad cause of it user, but Gab just wanted a free speech website where bad and good ideas or morals can be talked about with no fear of being banned. I don fault Gab for wanting that kind of platform, but people are terrified of people of the "morally wrong" ideas to gather or discuss with each other.
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