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Asked what she wanted to capture in the paintings, Tosh said: wanted a sense of their strength and their rs 2007 gold frailty at the time. They know life is uncertain. They losing loved ones no matter where they are.they still teenagers or young women and they still want to be stylish, rationing or not. They still want to dance. a ship for a strange country took a huge leap of faith, she says.
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they ever known was gone or going and they were coming to a man they hoped would be waiting for them on a station platform in a land they didn choose, and sometimes knew nothing about. it turns out, Tosh choice was anything but a career ender. The artist is internationally recognized for her portraits, for which she was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General earlier this week.

And in the run up to Remembrance Day, 40 of her portraits were put on exhibit at the RAF Museum in London, where they will remain until mid September 2019. Others will be on display in France next year for the anniversary of the June 6, 1944 D Day landing by Canadian forces on Juno Beach.

Among those at the RAF Museum is a portrait of Hazel (Walker) West, a Londoner who met her husband Russell, an RCAF pilot, on a blind date. The couple tied the knot in February 1945, a few months before VE Day. She was 20, he was three years older.were not falling in love to go elsewhere, or even to get away. In fact, the hardest thing for all of them was to walk up that gang plank.

Her wedding day portrait shows a woman happy and smiling, though the 94 year old admits that inside she was spitless I kept saying to myself, what am I doing? 1946, after having been separated from her groom for 10 months following his return to Canada, West travelled by ship to Halifax and train to Calgary, to be met by a man dressed in civvies instead of a crisply smart uniform, who seemed like a stranger.
Less than a month since an outrageously racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards thrust Miley Cyrus back into the national spotlight, on Thursday evening Piers Morgan invited the 20 year old pop star father Billy Ray Cyrus to join him in studio for an exclusive interview.

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