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And then there the plumbing system, the tv cables, the foundation, the very structural integrity of the rs gold house itself, the intercom system that no one uses anymore, etc.Six days later you finally give up on tracing the breaker circuit and splice the tv outlet onto another circuit and hope that that work. You plug in the tv and the barn lights on fire.

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A perfect quest for me is While Guthix Sleeps. A ton of map exploration with interaction between several people across the map (regular people, not gods and stuff), etc. A long open map quest, finishing with a big fight that had a lot of anticipation.

repeat, finish quest, collect 500K XP. Note that it may have gotten better in the last 2 3 years, I didn get quest cape back since 2 3 years ago.

An absolutely awful quest for me is The World Wakes. You enter a dungeon, you do room after room, either fighting a big monster or doing a simple puzzle. Extremely one dimensional quest, yet people seemed to love that quest. I simply can understand it. It all about seeing super super strong entities right away who need your help fighting gods and shit.

If they add an achievement for buying/selling something on the GE, it wouldn make sense for it to be unlockable in Ironman mode. They shouldn be discouraged from adding such an achievement just because Ironmen can get it. The precedent of achievement should be unlockable by Ironmen is bad since it merely discourages adding more achievements.

A long time ago. It not new. At the turn of the nature vs nurture debate for gays, the premise of being gay being a choice instead of a result of biology was used to dismiss being gay, which they view as an inherent part of their identity. Thus it it saying a core part of their identity doesn matter. This was, of course, adopted into gender and trans rhetoric and it quickly degraded into "saying something I don like".

Sona has no memories of her true parents. As an infant, she was found abandoned on the doorstep of an Ionian adoption houseI guess it my opinion but the OSRS quests are just so much more fun to me. They probably don feel as fun to many people since it their 2nd+ time doing them though. At some point it just becomes a grind.
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