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Fallout 76 Patch Targets Dupers

Fallout 76 Atoms Fallout 76 is now officially offline as Bethesda applies the newest patch to the game - and hoo is it a big one!

The new item dupe change is just one highlight in Tuesday’s Fallout 76 patch. The bulk of it is focused on dozens of bug fixes and balance changes including improved stability changes and performance improvements. Other highlights include an update to the unique but oft-ignored Hunter/Hunted PvP quest. Players server-wide will now get a message when another player starts the quest allowing anyone to join and create huge PvP chases and fights. Plans and Recipes the player has learned will also now force duplicate items to have the “(Known)” tag. And Plans and Recipes purchasable at vendors will no longer be randomized allowing players to hunt down exactly what they’re missing as needed.

This was further supported with a link to a Bethesda Community Support page (available on the link) which provided some further clarity into the upcoming downtime for the game.

"Hi everyone We’re currently planning to bring Fallout 76 offline across all platforms around 9:00 a.m. EST tomorrow January 29 to perform maintenance and apply updates.

"Once downtime begins you buy Fallout 76 Atomswill be unable to log into or play Fallout 76 until we bring the game back online.

Bethesda continues to plow forward addressing Fallout 76 player concerns and iterating on feedback. Issues that the team continues to work on for an upcoming patch include improving Energy Weapons across the board which many players are understandably frustrated about. There’re also fixes coming for dead tamed animals taking up storage the Class Freak perk altering other perks and more. Bethesda’s efforts to continue improving Fallout 76 are undeniable even if sometimes it feels like a drop in the bucket to players.

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