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china industry research centers

china industry research centers

ACEM has more than 20 research institutes/centers, covering the fields of Industrial Organization and Technological Innovation, Systems Engineering, Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Management Information Systems, Financial Engineering, Complex Systems and Intelligent Management, Human Resources Management, Organization Development and Strategy, Marketing, Securities Finance and more.To get more news about china industry research centers, you can visit official website.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of Chinese Enterprise Development, with close relationships with Chinese enterprises, aims to serve Chinese enterprises as well as study them as subjects. It is the goal of the center to become a world-class research and media organization in the realm of China business practices. The center relies on ACEM’s strong academic, alumni-related and entrepreneurial resources, and works in cooperation with Chinese enterprises, government departments, and research institutions at home and abroad.

Sino-US Global Logistics Institute

The Sino-US Global Logistics Institute (SUGLI) was formed as a collaborative pooling of the logistical research and teaching resources of both Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Through cooperation, the two institutes benefit from the sharing of advanced teaching and technological resources. The Sino-US Global Logistics Institute carries out logistical research and technological development, and educates specialists in advanced logistics. The center was established to encourage the development of modern logistics in China and to promote Sino-American cooperation.

SJTU Smith Experimental Economics Research Center

The SJTU Smith Experimental Economics Research Center was named after Nobel Laureate, and director of the center, Professor Vernon Smith. The Smith Experimental Economics Laboratory has 24 stand-alone PC client operating machines, 2 sets of console machines and a dedicated terminal server. The Lab has imported the latest experimental economics and research software applications from George Mason University, and has translated the software to Chinese and tailored and upgraded the software according to research needs. It has become the first standard experimental economics laboratory in China.

Research Center on Metropolitan Regions of China

The Research Center on Metropolitan Regions of China (RCMRC) aims to give Shanghai Jiao Tong University a leading role in metropolitan and regional economic development. The Center coordinates research in cutting-edge scientific fields, such as fields related to the study of metropolitan and regional development, and foreign aid management. The Center makes use of SJTU’s research resources to enhance the academic, government and the business sectors of the community. All of these sectors work closely with the Center to promote Chinese the improvement of theoretical research, knowledge dissemination and the practical application of research results.

Financial Engineering Research Center

The Financial Engineering Research Center is dedicated to research in financial engineering, financial theory and financial complexities in leading-edge research. After the initial research phase, the Center then applies its results to the development of financial enterprises and the deepening of financial reform. It provides the government and enterprises with relevant advice and technical decision-making support. The Centre has begun research on financial market price behavior complexity, making use of SJTU’s comprehensive interdisciplinary resources in engineering, management science, mathematics, hard sciences and other technical fields. Through mathematical modeling and the extensive use of digital technology, the Center studies investor behavior in order to improve pricing analyses and product design.

Security Investment Research Institute

The Security Investment Research Institute relies on high-speed development of national finance, fosters high quality talent professionals to adapt the demand of modern society, provides supplies excellent consultant and academic service for society, government and enterprises. The Institute possesses the right to offer bachelor degree and master degree.The Institute has a quite young faculty, in which there are 2 professors, tutors of Ph. D. students , 7 associate professors,11 teachers with PH. D.Until now the Institute has published over 20books and 100 papers, undertaken over 50research projects, which include 5projects sponsored by national foundation, over 20 projects sponsored by provinces and cities, over 30 projects entrusted by enterprises and others.

In facilities, the Institute possesses “the International Financial Library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Reuto”, “China Security Market DataBank”, which is one of the most excellent databases in China and includes historical stock prices and financial data

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