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The poet said:

The poet said: "Open the door of memory, sparse or dense, vague or clear old things arememory of youth is like a sycamore. In the cold wind of the deep spring, a string of sorrowful voices, a tender green summer, a scent of scented scent in the smile of the waterfowl, the n to like the sadness of indifference. It was the blooming of the earth in the late winter or the early spring, the warm sorrow, like someone's eyes, let me be willing to sink and disillusion.youthfulness of the youth, the colorful ones that have been rendered pale, some people are sad, some are crying, others are not knowing what they are looking for, the future is being searched, and those that can be clearly recalled are still the past, those people, those Things, still sad. a classmate. is so fascinating, even if only a moment of stoppage, the Jiguang film feathers that have been stolen from the foot, let me, like an easy-to-satisfied child, listen to the sound of the whole sea with a shell.hen I look back, my tears are also poetry. In fact, what I want to say is that the latter is the most fascinating, and the age of fearlessness and temperament, so quietly exists as a part of the world, with a strong Posture, now on the way to school, no longer enjoy the leisure of college students Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online, nor do they sneer at the junior high school children whose tails are in the sky, because childrenet the sword of time, open up the memory curtain, the stars are a little bit, and in the crevices, the predecessors and the past are coming. Do not give in, do not flee. When I was hanging down, I found out that I was in my heart, but it was a flowering season, and I met with you.outh is a sad time, like a scar that can't be healed. The broken dreams and the cruel reality are intertwined. It seems to be a youthful freehand drawing or a green lyric poem. Nouth is a lonely song. It sings softly in our lives. Every song and poem records the story of our growth. Every note breaks into our soul and plays a role in our youthful years. The most gorgeous tribute, let us have a common feeling - lonelinessy want to walk in. People in the city want to go out. We are going through the crowds who come and go Duty Free Newport 100'S, and become each other. Passers-by, countless times of passing by Newport And Marlboro Sale Complaints, have been mistaken for their own return, and eventually fell into a faint sorrow Wholesale Tobacco For Newports, people go to the empty space Newport 100 Online Coupons, leaving an empty city, showing a grand emptiness left hand is lonely, the right hand is sad, happiness is like a kite lonely as a line, the line is in the hands of loneliness, so only the wind accompanying are young, if you have an old dream, we are still a lonely shadow of sadness in our dreams.

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