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Overall, this was one of the prettiest movies I watched. Every scene was runescape gold for sale breath taking. The 3D really added to it as well, especially with the vistas. The acting was also pretty good, even the minor characters like the father. The ballet segments were also really beautiful and worth watching just for that.But this is a movie that is style without substance.
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It was visually beautiful, but absolutely forgettable. There was no intimacy to it except for the father who showed vulnerability and it was wasted here. I have no idea who any of these characters are beyond their names. We never learn anything about Clara mother except that she was orphaned because reasons, invented a machine to bring toys to life somehow for reasons,

abandoned those toys and the realm forever for reasons, and died of terminal reasons. Phillip was the only nutcracker because reasons. Mother Ginger was scapegoated by Sugarplum for reasons. Sugarplum wanted tin soldiers for abandonment reasons. The motivations and characterizations were absent and so the whole time I kept waiting to care about anyone. Sugarslut was ridiculous but tbh I loved her.

"Thank you for being an Annual Passholder! Yes, unless you are staying on property, you will have a rolling 30 day window. That window goes until 12/1 if looking today.That means you can have up to 7 days worth of FastPass+ selections booked at any given time as an Annual Passholder."

So it kind of misleading but the "up to 7 days" on the FAQ I guess means I can store up to 7 days of FP, but can still only book 1 day at a time each day. Oh well, guess I setting my alarms.It can be a tough game to get in to even just due to the sheer amount of things to do and it can get a bit overwhelming when you don't even know where to start.

The lack of opening titles. I felt like it would have distracted from the story. It made so much sense to not have the opening titles especially when even she couldn remember that she was the doctor. It wouldn have made sense to have the titles. It was made even better when the ending credits started and we heard the theme tune! That is one good tune!
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