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If I choose to let the boy's mother back into their lives, there have to be boundaries. Her rs 2007 fire cape attitude is that she's better (for now) so let's just forget all the crap that's happened in the past. I can't tell you how many times we've witnessed this cycle. I just don't want to continue to bear witness to a life less lived. Advice?B.: The recent arrest isn't the only sign she's not ready to own her actions; any criminal court regular who still blames others for
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"push[ing] her away from her family" has a few more dots to connect.So you have great reasons not to want to bear further witness, or "forget all the crap," or trust your daughter with much of anything.To be fair, your daughter has great reasons of her own to want to see her kids.Fortunately, there's an easy way to choose who gets the last word: You're adults, so your reasons and hers are secondary.

What counts is the health of these kids, so that's your last word. If your grandsons can't afford the risk, emotionally speaking, of being exposed to their mother's chaos, then you say no to your daughter and withstand the heat for it. If the kids would instead benefit from a carefully supervised reintroduction to their mother, then that's what you undertake and withstand the heat for, because that's what it means to be their parents.

When the relationship started and we became exclusive, I was dating someone else and stopped shortly thereafter. I never told the SO about the prior indiscretion (spoiler alert: double standard!). SO's career is narrowly focused and exists exclusively in the city where SO currently lives. My career has some mobility to it, although re locating is not easy.

SO and I had a lot of physical attraction and compatibility with one another. I sense this attraction as well as the psuedo mystery/excitement of LDR kept us together. We had discussed long term plans and met each other's family. A year into the relationship, SO had declared SO's love for me, only to have me respond by breaking up with SO and then reconciling a week or two later.

I was recently in an LDR for about 2 years. We are 28. We saw each other once a month.I urge you not to assess this on your own. Given the boys' history, and the teenage waters you're soon navigating, a relationship with a good family therapist could be anything from a convenient reference to the beacon that guides these boys to safety. If you don't have one yet, then please ask their pediatrician for names.
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