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div>The middle-aged girl in the retailer insisted that she come in initial, so Lu Yi Yun cautiously pushed the door open, stuck her head in and looked.

  Other than the middle-aged lady, there had been also three guys in the retailer. A few kittens were taking part in in the corner on the floor. A golden cat was enjoying with a shiny, modest object indifferently and looked as if she didn't care about anything. Another cat with black and white stripes was popping her head in and out underneath the stairs: she felt that the black and white cat was fairly comparable to hers.

  A younger, white canine was locked in the show cabinet, strolling precipitously in circles. There was a hamster cage and a rabbit cage. The layout of the shop looked specifically the identical as shown in Snowy's live present. She knew she identified the correct place.

  "Ex..ahem.. excuse me, is this the location that gives the cat bathing service?" She recognized that she could not even speak. When she commenced talking, it sounded so odd and weird that she had to clear her throat to cover up her nervousness. She surfed on the web all day the place she only essential to sort, and when she spoke to Jasmine she could make no matter what noise and Jasmine would reply. Neither chatting on the internet nor talking to Jasmine needed face to face interactions.

  Zhang Zian nodded firmly, "Yes. You need to have to bathe your cat?"

   Jibai didn’t expect this development. A vagabond daring to refuse him? He would be kicking the guy in the face right now if his junior sister wasn’t around. – Frays in the Weave She responded, "Um...Do you consider a cat like this?" Her voice was really soft. The good news is, it was quiet in the retailer, but Zhang Zian could barely hear her.

  "Yes," he explained, "Except for kittens that still drink milk and cats that are sick, every person else is welcome."

  "Great. I want to bathe my cat..." she explained.

  At this time, Aunt Liu who was standing aside, stopped Lu Yi Yun, "Young lady, that is not wise!"

  Lu Yi Yun paused and recognized that she was speaking to her. She looked at Aunt Liu with tons of concerns going via her mind. She did not know this middle-aged female. Why would she commence speaking to her all of a sudden?

  This was her first time in a pet retailer. In buy to prepare for today's huge second-bathing her cat-she watched Snowy's reside show, recorded it, and watched it once more so she would not make any blunders or run into embarrassments. She was rather sure she didn't see this middle-aged lady in the reside show. The middle-aged lady was holding a cat. She did not seem like a employees member nor did she appear to be a buyer. Consumers would at least have a cat bag seldom would they carry a cat like her.

  Aunt Liu put on a warm smile and explained to Lu Yi Yun, who was significantly baffled, "Young lady, you have to request for the price tag 1st. If you never inquire for the price, what takes place when you find out later that you will not have sufficient income to spend? Did you see the news? Some men and women went to a restaurant and didn't inquire for the price tag. When they finished, the bill was more than 10 thousand yuan. What would you do if that was you, proper? You cannot spit out the meals and flip it back into the dish on the table. Right?"

  On hearing Aunt Liu's words, Lu Yi Yun agreed. She had not interacted with a stranger in so extended that she forgot about the basics.

  "I forgot. Thanks for reminding me," she praised Aunt Liu politely.

  Wang Qian and Li Kun noticed the complete story and had completely changed their impressions of Aunt Liu. At initial, they believed that Aunt Liu was a caring man or woman. Then, they have been confused due to the fact she began to be imply, and now they have been entirely sick of her. She was absolutely unreasonable. She didn't acquire the service simply because of the price and now she was making an attempt to speak men and women out of it. Which is a total disturbance to the keep! What

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