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Best way if you living in reality is to establish a set development team that preferably understands and maybe 2007 runescape fire cape even has experience in this type or style of game. Then you have them remake the first two games in HD a la N Sane Trilogy, this will give the team the opportunity to go through the old games in depth and understand the design choices that make a Banjo Kazooie game what it is.

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I don agree with bosses being given solo versions to complete. This is an MMO, right? Even as Ironmen, we shouldn be allowed to complete group content in solo. I actually want more group content released overall, but with an emphasis on not needing something like 10 people for raids. I think 3 5 for group content is pretty nice.

If they really want Ironman mode to get its DIY version back, then restrict bosses from being done in a group by what Boss Reaper tasks classify them as. Also, find some way of restricting accounts that are not "ready" for high level group content from being allowed to be carried.

Doesn mean the content in the game has to be. It just means that multiple people are on the same game at the same time, really. And like it or not, the playerbase of RS, in polls and in feedback, vastly prefer soloable content to forced group content. Even today you have people asking for a solo mode for Solak, and that can be duoed.

Now I'm proud to call my clan mates my friends and they are great as they get to answer all my noobish questions and are very helpful , it makes my gaming experience that much more fun and less lonely. Screenshot Post your stats so maybe we can give you a more accurate suggestion.

From here, if the games sell well enough to warrant a new game, Microsoft will pick a studio (new Rare, in house, third party, whatever) to make a new game.If the developer makes a game with better game design than Yooka Laylee, then we will have entered the miracle timeline. This is the only timeline where Banjo is actually good enough for its hardcore fans.
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