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14 points submitted 2 days agoYou are correct that behind the scenes has been pivotal to rs and has been cheap runescape gold there for as long as I can remember. However in the past we didn't get hours of detailed "this is exactly what is going to happen" worth of footage which led to an element of discovery when new content came out.

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TORONTO Two starts into his Yankees career, Sonny Gray might be wondering what the person who dubbed his new team the Bronx Bombers was smoking.A quality game and streaming do not go hand in hand. OSRS is streamed heavily because it simple. "We need to improve,'' Brett Gardner said. "Sonny pitched well enough to keep us in the game.''

secondly, these gp rates are pretty much guaranteed. do them as much as you like, for as many hours as you want, and you likely going to come out with the average rate times the number of hours you do. you can "bank" on that gp being there at the end. you can do that with pvm. you can spend 10 hours at helwyr, and get nothing more than raw sharks, grimy dwarfweed,

dormant anima core, and coal drops. its unlikely, but it can happen. i should know; my iron is 14/16 rare table drops as anima core. when you dont get rare drops bossing, you barely make money. the only bosses that are really consistent are QBD (because she has a consistent gp/kill rate), Greg, because his essence is still 5 6m, has 2x runite drops on his table

AND battlestaves, and nex, because the drop rate on rares is so low. but even at nex you can come out of an hour with nothing but brew/restore drops, and nex is a 600k instance boss. profiting in pvm is a long term affair and it can take a while to pay off. pvm is also highly active. it takes a certain amount of skill and understanding of mechanics. there are certainly skilling methods that do as well, and they generally pay off.

My suggestion to you is always challenge your assumptions, and check your expectations. if you feel something is a certain way, look for ways to prove yourself wrong. also understand that we can expect everything in the game to be profitable. trade systems don work that way. and also understand that if you only want to have 1 2 actions per minute,
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