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You didn answer my questions. Are you a game developer? Have you played any MMO other osrs fire cape than RS? Again, WoW and FF? There is a difference between having a "big game world" and a needlessly large map. Go play Stealing Creation, go play CW, Shield of Arrav has been an issue, coop slayer, most group activities, the entire skill of dungeoneering. The map and size should be suitable to accommodate the number of players.
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If you do die as a Hardcore and the Jar downgrades you you do not get a gravestone for that death, you keep 3 items and the rest is destroyed. This is why you sometimes see high level HCIM do obvious suicides, since they would rather get rid of HCIM status without losing their good gear.

oMeasure Theory is more in line with pure mathematics. Also looking at lecture notes is not the same as learning in class hands on. Things are always made smoother by your instructor but that not to say the difficulty isn present.A limited number of Divine Coin can be bought, which allow you to die and still retain Hardcore status, these have priority over the jar, so the jar will only downgrade you to regular Iron if you don have any Divine Coins.

Find Weakness the invisible units in the battlefield will cause the enemies to fight at a reduced might defence.Soul Mark a target is soul marked, meaning units will create more damage against this unit.Raelag should choose the following abilities as he levels up. The key points are to get those abilities that will maximize the damage of the units. These abilities are

Destiny's Chosen 1 3 this paragon ability is a must, as units' damage are maximized during hits.Diplomat this paragon ability will be of use later on, when units will be recruited into Raelag's ranks.Pressed Attack this Warcries ability will allow Raelag to attack the most powerful enemy unit and destroy it as fast as possible.

Tactics 1 2 this tactics ability will allow Raelag to position his troops so that they can move forward so fast and so stealthily that the enemies cannot see what is coming. In addition, surrounding the ranged units with large units is important, as Raelag's ranged units, when given high morale and high destiny and high damage, are simply just untouchable.
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