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Fashion Zone Headband Wig Human Hair

Oh, keeping cool is the priority to be considered. In today’s article, we will bring you all a cost-effective product, headband human hair wigs. You have heard of them early, I guess, have you tried them before? Now is the right moment to have a clear idea of it and give it a try.
What’s a headband wig?
As the name indicates, a headband wig is a kind of wig that’s made by real virgin human hair with a piece of headband attached. Each strand of human hair was sewn into a soft wig cap, there are clips and adjustable Velcro straps on the back of the wig. The headband is made from a comfortable stretchable material for a safe fit. There is no harm to your hair or scalp with a headband wig, unlike other human hair lace wigs, you have to spread chemical glue on the scale to hold a wig. That’s terrible if your skin is allergic to some chemical composition of glue.

You can also see other lace wigs like 360 lace wigs.

The advantages of the headband wigs
Headband wigs are easy to install for those who are new to wear the wig since the complex steps including plucking, bleaching, cutting lace, and gluing are omitted. You needn’t ask a hairstylist for help for you can slay the hair on your own, which means you will save lots of time and money.
2.Protective Style
This type of wig will protect your edges from damage as there is no need to apply gel or adhesive to your hairline. Besides, the wig provides full coverage, which stops your natural hair from sunlight, dust.
3.Versatile Styles
The hair can be pulled back and fasten into a low ponytail or bun with an elastic, which will make you cool and refresh particularly in hot summer. Human hair headband wigs make it possible to be curled, permed, or crimped in various styles for different occasions.
4.Realistic Hairline
Wearing a headband wig requires that the hairline or baby hair should be formed by your natural hair. As long as you style your front hair well, you will show the look that you just put a headband on your hair, not a human hair wig. Maybe you can see the 613 blonde bob wig.
5.Less Expensive
Compared with lace wigs, headband wigs are budget because they are machine-made, and lace material was eliminated. In addition, you can save the expense of asking a professional stylist to put on or remove your wig.
How long does a headband wig last?
The durability of a wig depends on the way you treat it mostly. You can prolong the lifespan of it if you care for the human hair wig in a proper wig like the 6x6 closure wigs, otherwise, it will last for a short period. Normally the wig can be used one year around at least, however, we also received lots of feedback from our clients that the wig still in a good condition, although it’s been about 3 years. Using the correct method to maintain your wig, and saving a lot.

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