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To open his Wednesday media availability, John Harbaugh finally committed to rookie

What was once an incredibly murky quarterback situation with as many as three guys in the mix to start at once Baltimore Ravens Womens T-Shirt , the Baltimore Ravens have officially named a starter for this weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Lamar Jackson as his unquestioned starter heading into a game for the first time since Joe Flacco’s injury situation cropped up several weeks ago. He also confirmed that the veteran would be number two on the depth chart behind Jackson, taking over for Robert Griffin III who saw some limited action behind Lamar in his time as the backup.While it isn’t necessarily confirmed just yet, this would all but seem to indicate Jackson will be the guy over the course of the three game stretch to close out the year. As for Flacco, Harbaugh stated he took the news as well as possible and that he’ll be ready if called upon again before the season is over:It’s certainly still worth speculating if Flacco (the unquestionably more developed passer) will be involved in Baltimore’s gameplan moving forward, but this does seem to be the right move to make for the homestretch of the 2018 season. Jackson has played reasonably well, gone 3-1 in his four starts, and has injected life into what was a DOA Ravens offense just a month ago.For Flacco Baltimore Ravens Hats , it’s a tough way to go out if this indeed it for him, but he’s a pros pro and likely understand this is the move for Harbaugh to make at this juncture. For now though, it appears the future has arrived as Jackson is the undisputed starter for the first time in his Ravens career; here’s hoping he takes advantage of it in what is a crucial three game run to close out the year. On the mini-media tour that followed his firing in Cleveland, former Browns coach Hue Jackson tried to remind everyone that he’s a pretty good offensive coach. So, of course, he’s spending his time in his next stop working only with the defense.Via NFL Media, Jackson has spent his short time back in Cincinnati exclusively on the defensive side of the ball. Which technically makes sense, given that he’s the Special Assistant to the Head Coach — and give that the head coach has now become the de facto defensive coordinator in the aftermath of the firing of Teryl Austin.Jackson’s involvement with the defense Baltimore Ravens Womens Hoodie , per the report, could result in him eventually calling defensive plays. Calling plays or not, it means that, come next Sunday, Jackson will be trying to match wits with the offense currently implemented by the team that he coached to a 3-36-1 mark before being relieved of his duties.It’s not the first time Jackson, while working with Lewis, has done whatever Lewis needed him to do. After the Raiders fired Jackson at the end of the 2011 season, Jackson worked with the defensive secondary and special teams before moving to running backs coach and Womens Customized Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , eventually, to offensive coordinator.Bill Lazor currently runs the offense in Cincinnati, so Jackson’s opportunity to get back to what he believes he does best will have to wait, either for an opportunity to arise elsewhere or for Lazor to leave, voluntarily or otherwise.

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