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tried to get as many people to cover as I could, Knapp said. was an exit right next to me, so I went runescape gold through that. That exit leads to a patio where people smoke. People out there didn really know what was going on. There a fence right there so I said, get over the fence as quickly as you can, and I followed them over. 8, 2018.

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He said a highway patrol officer who happened to be pulling someone over was nearby.screamed to him, a shooter in there! He was kind of in disbelief, then saw that I was serious, Knapp said. He said he had friends who hadn been accounted for.1 point submitted 2 days agoNot original responder but yes. For me personally, this is great. I think achievements are incredibly important as their scalability makes it easy to track progress and set goals.

Also they are outside the traditional goals of gp/xp two things an increasingly large amount of the player base aren really motivated by.Additionally, I have an 18 month backlog of things to do. I not saying it would be healthy for the game but if there were no updates until May 2020 or so it wouldn bother me.Rye007 9 points submitted 1 month agoI don think that a good idea because then people will need like a 10b bank to get them all?

hype niche overpowered weapons in osrs is more necessity than choice, since it needs those to be niche cause it a way to fill sideways in equipment power ratings rather than upwards because the combat system limits them.we have hex bow, darklight, keris, bane ammo, mech chins, superior lev ring, achto so it not like there none.also remember rs3 already has quite a number of weapon switches for perks.niche use for weapons I support,

overpowered ones I have none for. 6 points submitted 1 month agoThanks for the input, I just looking to pose the question to get the Combat Council sentiment.To your points it is okay that it takes a 10B bank to get them all (it already takes 15B to get full t92 of all three styles w/ flanking switches), mostly because you don need them all. It just gives more of an opportunity to min max for specific purposes.

48 ponts submitted 1 month agoThe main reason RS3 is significantly faster for the average player is dailies.99 FM/Herb/farming/mining/smithing/divination/dungeoneering etc. all take an absurdly small amount of time if you do them exclusively through dailies, which doesn take over 6 months.Extrapolated further, if the account itself is older (used for OSRS or w/e) and you have the loyalty points for the Legendary Jack of Trades Aura, you can use it to level any of the slow skills very quickly.This isn even saying anything about the daily TH Keys, TH keys from quests, OP events, etc. (as you said HCIM).
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