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At the beginning

At the beginning of May, the weather was very hot. At this time, the wind was self-willed, bringing dust to the sky and flying, making a gorgeous turn and blocking the sun from people's vision. This is the unique dusty weather in the north. For such a bad weather, people only hope that the next rain will be pressed, and the unpleasant sands will be suppressed. This is the habit that has been developed in recent years. The first thing after getting out of bed is to walk to the window, stretch out and open the curtains that cover the outside world, and look at the scenery and the weather outside the window. Hey! When is the rain in the night? The rain is not big, it is as thin as silk []Buy Cigarettes Wholesale[/url], and it is pattered []Cigarettes Newport[/url]. I am excited to open the window to find out what? The humid air is mixed with the unique freshness of the trees and grass, and instantly floods into the room, taking a deep breath and heading out the window. Looking up at the falling rain of the eaves, reaching out to catch it, the cool slip into the palm has a cool and comfortable feeling. The pavement was washed away, black and bright, and clean. The peach trees, willows and grasses on the green belt were also moisturized by the oil. The rain came just right, bringing a touch of cleanliness and refreshment to the boring dusty weather. Walk in the drizzle, it is lingering and sloppy, like the mist in the mountains, sticking to the hair, forming a crystal clear little water droplets, from time to time dripping down the tip, the scene is different of. I like the lotus pond in the drizzle. Although it is not in the season of the lotus flower, the rain silk depicts a picture of the misty rain and the lotus pond. How is the artistic conception described as a beautiful word! Surprise I will also bring sorrow. The dullness and sorrow of the rainy days, gently pluck the string hidden in the bottom of my heart? Is it thinking? Is it? Is it forgotten? It is the memory of the heart that is at the bottom of the heart. From the shallow to the deep and deep feelings, use the dialogue with the heart, telling the thoughts, the thoughts. I hope that with the rain into your world, you can't go back to time, even if you go back in time, you can't go back to the other side. Let the rain become a cloud, it will bring people fresh, summer rain brings people The elegant and autumn rain gives people a cool, winter rain that gives people a calm, no matter the rain of that season. I sat lazily in front of the window, a book, a cup of coffee, a wicker chair, a table, and quietly looking at you. Hey! Why are you slowing down? Why are you so anxious? I want to hear you tell me your joy and sadness. See how comfortable you are, casual, crying when you want to cry, laughing when you want to laugh []Cartons Of Newports[/url], don't care about what others say about you? Happy is a rush, unhappy for a few days. At this moment, listen to the snoring of the glass, listen to the rustling sound that you sprinkle on the leaves []Marlboro Wholesale[/url], as if it is a beautiful and moving melody []Buy Newport Cigarettes[/url], listening to the ear, very intoxicated! Very comfortable!

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