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I am born with li

I am born with literary dreams and music? But my literary talents are general Newport Gold Cigarettes, my five-tones are a little incomplete. In the eyes of people around me, I am crazy about dreams, so they will laugh at me. They feel really unrealistic. They think one The children in the countryside are no longer tossed Cheap Smokes Free Shipping. In the end, they are just rural children. But I don��t think so. I still have dreams. If I realize it, I never care about other people��s comments on me. I don��t care how much others have more than me. I only care about how much I have paid than others. I am close to my dreams and look at my friends. I have a successful career. I am surrounded by beautiful people. I am not envious, let alone I feel that everyone's pursuit is different. Maybe they are pursuing the comfort and happiness in front of me. I am pursuing poetry and distance. I am full of expectation and hope for the distance. I am also full of longings. Maybe by my pen, write down. It��s just a period of ignorance and ignorance, but the belief in my heart has never changed, I��ve stepped up my pace, and I��m brave, this is right. My promises and responsibility I will never know what is going on in front. As for the front, it is a thorn in the ground, maybe the front is choppy, maybe the front is the grassland, so I don't have any sense of direction, but no matter what, I have Back, I don't go backwards, not because I want to let me see his pride. I never thought about using my success to prove how powerful I am. I just want to prove things, I have dreams in my heart. You must be able to sail Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, as long as you are persistent enough, things that are difficult will eventually succeed, and all things will be entrusted to time, and hard work will end up with your expectations. Maybe facing a lot of competitors Buy Cigarettes Wholesale, I am a competitor without the slightest competitiveness, but I never give up, but I have been working hard, maybe no one supports any choices I make, I am not afraid of anyone behind me. Support me, I am only afraid that I can persist until the end Marlboro Wholesale. If I have been working hard, then anyone else makes any comments on me. I am not alone, because at least I have not given up, at least the only one who trusts me. Still, so I have to work hard, there is no reason, just don't want to live up to my youth. I don't care about me. How far away is the ideal life from my reality? I only care if I am narrowing the distance bit by bit. Whether I am advancing step by step, this is enough, I only need to work hard on my long road of life, step by step, such a life, even if I did not realize it in the end. The dream is at least perfect for me.

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