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Unlike the mainframe era, today s computers are designed to be small, reliable, extremely useful, and above all, very fast. But as the computer is being used to accomplish daily routines, especially if the computer is connected to the Internet ("The Super Highway" as it s sometimes referred to), overtime it begins to run sluggishly and often displaying those annoying error messages and pop ups.

Knowing when your computer is infected with viruses and spyware is extremely important because it enables you to choose the best course of action at the most appropriate time, whether you choose to fix it yourself as most advanced computer users do or you go the other route, by seeking computer help from qualified online technical support companies. A virus, at the most basic level, is a small piece of software that causes unexpected activities or actions on computer/network systems.

Spyware on the other hand, is computer software that installs itself secretly and obtains pertinent user s information as the user browses the Internet. Again we see here that the popularity of the Internet and the steady adoption of "Always On" broadband technologies have allowed dangerous (malicious) threats to spread quickly. Listed below are some general symptoms of virus and spyware infected computer:

Computer is slow Computer shows error messages Pop up ads display Internet connection is lost every now and then Internet browser is hijacked and redirected to unknown websites Windows updates security patches become unavailable Internet connection becomes unavailable eventually, etc. Until now, it s extremely critical to effectively and efficiently protect every computer in your home and/or office against viruses,

spyware, malware, worms, Trojans, and other Internet threats. How? You asked! Well, here are some techniques on fixing and securing your computer against viruses spyware infection: Run a complete system assessment Detect, isolate, and remove viruses Detect, isolate, and remove spyware Perform Deep registry cleaning Clean up Hard Drive regularly Delete temporary files Apply Windows Updates Apply Security Patches Run anti virus definition updates Run anti spyware definition Updates Optimize your computer Run System Defrag Depending on your computer usage, run routine PC Management at least on a monthly basis.
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