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But the only way to gather the materials for a combat based item is to skill (I honestly can't think of any item osrs gold like this but feel free to prove me wrong) to me is a stupid idea. If I need 70 fletching to string the bow that's fine. But if the only way to get the bowstring is locked behind a FARMING contract that makes no sense when compared to the rest of the game..

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Simple addictive fun. I didn think I would like it the first time I played it, and I only played the DS version (which I played A LOT more than I expected). I really looking forward to something to take my mind off MHW and some of the other games I been playing on the PC..

A bad rep which was founded in fact. The devs effectively told a large amount of their playerbase to fuck off with eoc and their reaction to players who didnt want eoc was less than charming. A bad impression takes a lot to overcome, and as someone who happily plays both games, i gotta say that they still do a good job of meeting that negative rep.

What a pain. I also make a few dishes that call for cherry tomatoes cut in half. I finally discovered a trick with two deli lids.. I don think so. Don get me wrong, I love Chromium to death but he isn usually enough to finish the game by himself. You would pretty much always want Niv over Chromium, especially in the control match because taking Niv down hurts.

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