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What if players had voted the vampires to win, only to see them then just abandoning it all and leaving? I osrs gold sure would have not been happy with such ending when I would have voted them to WIN it (funny thing is, all other endings end with the faction having the Golden City excepts the Vampires).And then comes Dominaria. Only problem I felt that was her fault was how different person Nissa (and Jace)

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I was gonna pass on it. My friends kept telling me to get it when it released, but I had a backlog at the time and didn care for gta4. Then one night at a friends party a month or so after release, this random drunk guy was shouting for anyone to give him a ride home. I just told him hop in, may not really know him, but he my friends friend, and he drunk so don need him trying drive himself.

Got to his place and he was like I don have money for gas. "oh, hold on I got something!" He Went in his house and brought me out red dead redemption, and gave me his psn. Said he was just gonna trade it anyway and already beat it. Lol well for a free copy I was ashamed I was gonna pass the game initially.

That not very good, get the Razer one instead if you really want a phone Though probably the best gaming mobile device will be the new iPad Pro, as Apple chips have better raw CPU and GPU performance and it has a 90Hz screen so it probably be able to give FPS close to that playing heavy games. Whereas the Razer phone will most definitely not be able to give you the 120 FPS you can get from its 120Hz screen,

iPods and iPhones saved them. It took Android a good while to catch up with iOS and mature. iPods and iPhones were revolutionary products. iPod basically ushered in the digital music age and iPhones changed the smartphone industry.But there is some truth to what you are saying. Perfect example is Zune vs iPod. Zune was an amazing alternative to iPod that people just wrote off.

The fact that we can buy coins makes me overjoyed with the system. It would take a lot of the fun out of events if we could just buy the coins to spam all the new content right away, and ultimately I feel more rewarded when I land one from a lootbox or I save up enough coins to get the skin I was after the entire event.Others making those coin purchases wouldn hurt me in any way though. I just think the game is more fun without that option. Just my personal opinion on it
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