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CouponBirds Keeps No.1 in 2020 Promo Code

CouponBirds Keeps No.1 in 2020 Promo Code

According to CouponBirds's previous study, nearly half of consumers said they use coupons proudly as a symbol of their savvy shopping skills, and 59% of consumers said working coupon code is quite important in their life. CouponBirds aims to improve customer's satisfaction, so the team launched a promo code accuracy study program. CouponBirds started in Oct 2020 and the weekly promo code quality study has been conducted 16 times so far.To get more news about Top Vouchers ,Click Here

In the first study, CouponBirds got a high validation rate of 72.61% and kept up the good work in the following two times. In the next three coupon code quality studies, CouponBirds only declined to an average of 63%. With the effort of the whole team, CouponBirds has kept No.1 almost 10 times, and the validation rate also broke through 80% in the ninth study on Dec 11, 2020.

Based on the research of CouponBirds, more consumers shopped online due to the global pandemic, and the high coupon code validation of CouponBirds catered to the trend. In 2020, consumers show greater interest in CouponBirds, increasing 25.9% clicks on coupon codes compared to 2019. Meanwhile, over 90% customers feel satisfied by using CouponBirds coupon code in the 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. That's exactly what CouponBirds Team expected and the meaning of promo code accuracy study.

Will the CouponBirds team continue this study in the future even though we have been No.1 for months? "Our answer is Yes," said Yara Chen, CouponBirds promo code accuracy study program director, "The ultimate purpose for this study is not just to tell customers CouponBirds keeps No.1 but to help them save more money and time."

CouponBirds is the No.1 coupon site in terms of store coverage, coupon accuracy, and valid coupon code numbers. It has been providing customers free and fresh coupon codes and deals since 2012. With the biggest coupon operation team in the world and continuous engineering efforts, CouponBirds is growing to be the best choice for customers to find valid coupons and deals.

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