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DaVinci DC100 electric sports car

DaVinci DC100 electric sports car

Although the electric vehicle market is still quite marginalized, the emergence of many brands makes electric motorcycles quickly enter the market and occupy an important position among potential customers. In this small game, China has seen more and more projects, usually using barrier free two wheeled vehicles, but not just that.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

Now it's the turn of the manufacturer DaVinci motor to launch an original style high-end electric motorcycle: DC100.
DC100 was shown to the public at Chongqing auto show. After no less than 7 years of development, it is now considered to be a machine equivalent to 1000 cubic centimeters of thermal motorcycle.

The DC motor is driven by the motor, and the motor output is not less than 135 HP and 850 nm torque. It can reach a peak speed of 200 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Its 17.7 kwh lithium battery is expected to have a maximum range of 357 km. Another highlight is that it is announced to be compatible with level 3 fast charging, allowing "refueling" within 30 minutes.

In addition to these properties, Da Vinci also demonstrated his motorcycle as a "two wheeled robot". The DC100 will be equipped with ABS, traction control, side start aid or parkassist. It also integrates a low speed mode to help the pilot reach 7 km / h and will be able to balance through its IMU power unit, but can also restore energy during braking.

Modernity requires motorcycles to be equipped with a mobile application as a key and counter. It can also access all parameters of the motorcycle, navigation, tire pressure, frame position and software upgrade.

Da Vinci plans to sell his DC100 at a price of 26000 euros from July 2022. The reservation is open and requires a deposit of 150 euros.

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