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DH1301-800 Nike Air Max 1 Golf "Tiger" Release Information

New Jordan 2020, Although Swoosh has been innovating for "green", the North American sportswear giant has modified some of the most iconic non-golf shoes for the game in recent years. for example? : The recent Nike Air Max 1 G with a bold tiger print. Similar to Nike and Air Jordan, which are specifically designed for golf, this pair of newly redesigned uppers uses suede and artificial fur materials. The sole is painted with a simple black tone, allowing coverage around the forefoot, the entire midfoot and the heel to indulge in the striking brown and tan color scheme, inspired by a tiger coat. The outline of the tongue and the top of the spine whirlwind, the top eyelet and the brand are different from the above-mentioned tones, which is conducive to the mint color. At the foot, Tinker Hatfield’s iconic Air Max 1 retains most of its original sole design, but the waffle-patterned outsole is replaced by a traction suitable for golf courses.
Although not the classic Nike Air Force 1 Pixel is still closer to the original version than Fontanka or even Shadow. Therefore, simple color schemes—such as this upcoming pink suede makeup look—make people feel more comfortable. A simple arrangement, this pair is actually a note across its top. Almost entirely made of suede leather, each panel exudes the same pink hue as the laces, tongue tags and rectangular soles. However, the interior is slightly lighter, which may be due to its mesh material. Then the black engraving marks their common point, and the sole is rendered white through its pixelated structure.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Jordan Brand previewed a small portion of its upcoming 2022 lineup. Air Jordan 1, 4s, 6s, etc. are all at the helm, although many of them were revealed by several leakers months in advance. Faithful Air Jordan 3 fans will definitely be the most surprised, because the silhouette of the "Fire Red" color scheme has been confirmed to be re-released. Unlike the previous Retros, this iteration provides the beloved "Nike Air" logo. In addition, the Air Jordan 1 is not lacking in appearance, adding the words "starfish" and "taxi" to its expanded new wardrobe. The soles will also return to the scene, with the much-loved "UNC" logo. In the next few months, this is not what we can expect: Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 14 and so on, there are many variants.
Retro Jordan 2021, Swoosh has long touted "Have A Nike Day", using it on clothing and GR sneakers. Here, it is revisited by GS Air Force 1, which adds some design changes to the formula. In terms of color matching, the pair strongly tends to be neutral. The appearance of most leathers is dyed light gray, and the pigments deceive with a very faint cool tone. Then the adjacent one is a more unsaturated white, which modifies the laces, midsole and side Swoosh. On the back of the heel, the "HAVE A NIKE DAY" embroidery provides the same neutrality, although it looks like this on the textured and dyed black heel label. Elsewhere, the iconic smiley face design resembles the earth, while the branding on the insole and tongue provides an additional imprint of "From Beaverton and Love".

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