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89 points submitted 4 months agoBuyers appear based on the animals you are raising, you don need to make a guess. This would have been figured out on day 2 of the update, but if it helps plan ahead a little I suggest just either getting hold of the highest level animals you can farm and putting them in whatever pens you have built,

or just sticking to mundane animals (bought from Granny) to start with until the systems are more fully understood.EDIT: Also, everything is balanced around the time required to age animals and the frequency of buyers (which become more numerous and frequent at varying times the throttle is only on tutorial so too many elements are not introduced too rapidly).

We not necessarily opposed to relaxing the throttle some or creating another outlet, but it would require rebalancing most of the update rewards, and we rather give players some time to fully understand how the update works and figure out the best income rates. It only seems bad right now, but it just perception based on what is currently known. 1 point submitted 2 months agoThis is my main gripe with the current state of Ironman mode.

So I am inclined to think Charles Ramsey did most if not all the talking. At any rate, 1 Man Rescue or Team Effort. It was an amazing outcome. It has held chapel service at the Regina Correctional Centre every second Sunday since 2001, and the Larratts see some of the inmates at church after they are released. Feel like they fit in. Has a longtime involvement with Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, offering teaching, volunteers, and some financial support, among other services..

pupil exposed as he is banned from professionYour character doesn talk (outside of flashbacks as a kid), but at the same time he has no customization or character choices he can make. He has very little character development throughout and even for a silent protagonist he felt very out of place or uninvolved with the plot, despite the whole team rallying around him. Some of the characters receive some decent plot development in the second act, where as a few others go without any form of development throughout the entire game.
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