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Some people

Some people say that I am stupid like a cow. This is not bad. I am a cow. I am stupid if I am stupid. I am me. I am not afraid of being laughed at by others. I am not afraid that others will slap on me even if I don��t yell at me. I will also go forward, I have no other skills, plowing is my job. I am very dedicated. Whether it is cold or hot, I will always do it. I am not lazy. I don��t have to beat me all the time. I am very conscious of my down-to-earth. I am not at the point where I really can��t move. I don��t rest, although I am a cow, but I also have physical strength, even if I am physically weak, as long as I have a sigh of relief, I will not die. I will never shed tears and I will not treat myself as a reason for not working. Even if I am sick, I will not be able to do anything. When I am busy, I have to drag my tired body to do my farm work. I know that my ability is small. I will not do it except for farming. I am often despised, but I never feel inferior and never fall for it. I will work very hard for my own life. I work hard to fight for my uncontested life. I never ask the master for help. I will plow the field and return to the owner. I will not give me food. I will give me a little grass. I will be very happy. It will not be as lazy as a pig. I will climb my own mountains and live my life. I can adapt to any environment. Even if I live in the bullpen, there are mosquito bites every day. I have no complaints and I can still live happily. Just like a makeup remover, it is like a masterpiece, like a film and television drama, and it is always faced and repeated in life. In fact, the experience lurking in this situation is the past. In the stage of life, no matter what happened in the past []Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa[/url], you have revealed your feelings and expressed your feelings; whether you are a character, an author or a director, the past is worth recalling and recollecting through the past, my It is not necessary to deliberately remember its "rehearsal", chewing its idea, cutting its tidbits, and more importantly, after taking everything to calm down, to capture your feelings, to capture a feeling, and the spark of thought is that we

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