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are playing A har

situation is the past. In the stage of life, no matter what happened in the past Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa, you have revealed your feelings and expressed your feelings; whether you are a character, an author or a director, the past is worth recalling and recollecting through the past, my It is not necessary to deliberately remember its "rehearsal", chewing its idea, cutting its tidbits, and more importantly, after taking everything to calm down, to capture your feelings, to capture a feeling, and the spark of thought is that we are playing A harvest after life. It may be a maxim, aphorism, maybe a little wisdom and strength, and there may be lingering feelings. The past is intertwined in joys, sorrows and sorrows. In the joys and sorrows, it turns into a song, and you have me in the song. There is also his past yesterday, today is the history of tomorrow. Whether opening a new page or turning over the old one, we should use a serious attitude and a highly responsible spirit to move the heart of the heart, press the passionate keys, and play the life of the music. The road is hard. As the network says: It is better to be beautiful than to live beautifully. Let us face life with a healthy and beautiful attitude Printable Carton Newport Cigarette. The past acts as a carrier and present a beautiful glimpse. The moments of the wonderful moments of the moments carry the fallen days away. The past is yellow and dusty, and it is unbearable to look back. When the crow's feet are playing in the corners of the eyes, when the temperament is left on the forehead, how many past events are going to the east, the wind is like a dream. With the drying of tears, the loss of smiles, the annihilation of sighs, the past has turned into a cloud of smoke, only the true meaning of life, the philosophy of life, some weights of heavy, accumulated in the heart, become a guide to the work, the cry of the emotional encyclopedia, the withered roses The broken guitar, with the charm of poetry in the quiet evening and the lonely red dust. Just as the stunned poppies are poisonous, but maybe you will be annoyed with what happened, even remorse, and you will be stunned; perhaps, you will be excited about what you have just passed, and you may still be immersed in joy at the moment; maybe The things that have just passed are normal, but you will not pay attention to them at all; perhaps, you are still in a fierce or nervous situation Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S, and you have not considered all the things that have happened in the time that has just passed away, they will become your past, you History. However, how many of them have been worn away with the passage of time; how many of them have been buried by the dust of time; how many of them have been recorded and become pages of your history; how many of them are Save it and enter the museum of your history. When your thoughts are remembered by foreign objects, you will involuntarily open the pages of history, look for the relevant past, remember the people and things of the year, and even, To find out the remains of those past events, look at them insanely, thinking about it is an interesting thing in childhood Wholesale Cigatettes, or a youthful youth; it is a moment that makes you extremely glorious Case Of Newport Cigarettes Price, or a day that makes you sad! It is an ordinary thing that can no longer be ordinary, or a memory that makes you unforgettable... All this, today, if you mention it again, it doesn��t matter. Maybe you will still be worried about certain things. Maybe you still feel a little warm and awkward when you think of them, but they are not feeling like that at the time. When you are more often, you will smile and gently shake your head and close the pages of your history. At most, it is just a long sigh. I remember that one of the first ones said: "What is the pain and pain?" Since it once made you very sad The thing, when it became a thing of the past, when it was mentioned again in a few years, it was already no longer the feeling of the year. Nothing else, not to mention, sweetness and bitterness have long been lost by the water of time, and have become the memory of history. Therefore, when people are dissatisfied with reality, they will recall the past; when the present day When they are not so good, they will remember the past. Think of the joys of the past and remember the old things in urban and rural areas. Are those days really better than reality, really so satisfying? Perhaps, perhaps not necessarily, the time to wash, leaving more in the heart is a faint memory. The history that a person has experienced has often become the home of his soul. When you are bored and boring, when you are not happy, you will gently open the pages of history, and taste the wonderful past to look back, just like a moment. In this peaceful world, sadness is remembered, everything is like a world. The night slowly sinks, in an ethereal, silent, I sigh the shortness of life, like the flying meteor, across the sky, this moment, changed everything. Maybe, you already know what, I want to catch him. But that is just a dream, a memory. Remember, on that hot summer. On the first day of June, this was the hottest day in the summer. On this day, the god of death took away the life of my father-in-law. This huge pain can't be described. Whenever I think of it, tears can't help but flow down. I want to write a few times, give up a few times, really don't want to look back, it hurts too much... I can't continue to write, and every time I have a tear, my father-in-law is a very ordinary old man. He taught at home in his early years, then joined the army and moved to the army, and finally moved to work in the local area in the late 1970s. The father-in-law impressed me the most, that is, his red face always has a strictness. Her husband's brother and sister are very afraid of him. I never dare to speak in front of him, and I am just the opposite. This may be because the father-in-law loves me, or it may be that I am a parent's petite woman, I don't know if I am afraid, or maybe my father-in-law and my father are all transferred from the army. There is always some friendship. He was only 68 years old. However, he walked in a hurry, and eventually failed to see a child. With such regrets, he embarked on the road of no return. He is such a kind of peace - retiring at home, raising birds, planting flowers, writing, drawing a few pictures, smoking, drinking a small wine. Always leisurely, I don't think I like the paintings of the elderly. The father-in-law's paintings are very elegant, there are not many colors, no rich and gorgeous; use a pen: a pencil, or a pen; gently squat on the white paper. This is the sketch: with a single color, gently, faintly; or thick, or thin, just depict its objective image; for static, immovable, through careful observation, depicting him The image is an independent art. I often stand by my father to see the birds in his paintings, the father of the father-in-law. The elderly like to raise birds and take extra care for the birds. Spring flutters with the falling flowers, and on a hot summer day, it is covered in green and dances in the warm wind. The willows on the street, under the shining of the sun, flashed a green halo, the blue sky on the top of the building, tightly surrounded by a layer of fog and non

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