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He's also told me off before for not waving, though, and I understand what you mean about the friendliness thing. I think that he does (silently) appreciate the thank you's and the hellos though. Maybe he just gets tired of having to respond the same thing to everyone that says thanks/hello.

Eric Thames drew a leadoff walk from Chris Flexen (0 2), who then got Mike Moustakas to fly out to center. But Flexen, recalled from Triple A Syracuse earlier in the day, walked Grandal and Travis Shaw to load the bases for Braun. The Brewers longest tenured hit a sharp grounder past first baseman Pete Alonso and into right field, scoring the tying and winning runs..

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Prosecutor says of 7 accused of running fatal midstate drug ring Two of those indicted could face life prison terms if convicted. Heroin ring Feds charge 7 with running fatal central Pa. Heroin ring At least three drug overdose deaths are tied to the alleged conspiracy, a grand jury indictment states..

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