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Improve the extrusion survival rate of ceramic foam filter

Refractory Molten Aluminum Filtering Medium is an important part of aluminum casting. Foam ceramic filter plates have been widely used all over the world because of their convenient use, good filtering effect, and low price.

The ceramic foam filter can effectively remove the fineness of the aluminum water and reach the micron-level inclusions so that the aluminum water enters a stable laminar flow, which is beneficial to the punching type.

It has a unique mullite corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and excellent aluminum washing properties.

The use of alumina ceramic foam filters
to purify liquid aluminum plates, and strip aluminum foils and their products (such as tanker blanks, exquisite decoration materials, PS boards, etc.) have brought huge benefits. Manufacturers have the following obvious advantages for aluminum alloy profiles

  1. Improve the extrusion survival rate: When the filter plate is used to purify 15% alloy extruded billets, we use specific die tracking and find that the extrusion speed has increased by 20% and the production efficiency has increased by nearly 6063.

  2. The service life of the mold is prolonged and the number of mold repairs is reduced.

  3. Reduce extrusion pressure: When the filter plate is used to purify molten aluminum, the pressure of 6063 is 3% higher than that of non-filtering.

The surface quality of aluminum profiles is significantly improved.

  1. The foam ceramic filter has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, etc.

  2. Purification of metallic liquids, and removal of non-metallic impurities and gases.

  3. The filling of liquid metal is stable and the eddy current is reduced.

  4. Simplify the pouring system and improve the process yield.

  5. Refractory Molten Aluminum Filtering Medium can reduce the porosity of castings, and optimize and refine the metal structure.

  6. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of castings, and reduce the rejection rate of castings.

  7. It can reduce the machining allowance, increase the tool's service life, and reduce the casting cost.

Refractory Aluminium Alloys Filtration

Under normal circumstances, the following aspects should be paid attention to when installing and using alumina ceramic foam filterplates

Choose the right filter plate

When selecting the size of the filter plate and the number of holes, factors such as the pouring flow range, the specific type of metal filtration, the maximum level, the total amount of filtration, and the cleanliness of the raw aluminum liquid should be considered.

The pretreatment of melt filtration cannot be ignored

Such as the normal de-slagging, cleaning, and refining of the furnace and holding furnace. Especially the online degassing device is still necessary because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content in the melt but also remove some non-metallic inclusions.

ceramic foam filters
should be matched with the square high-temperature filter box

It is not only used for sealing but also to prevent metal filtration from entering the box through the notch, to avoid too light foam filter plate, and aluminum water failure.

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