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Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

The use of smart door locks is among the most popular options for home security nowadays. As the hype and usage of smart locks keep growing, the skepticism grows, as well. Smart door locks tend to be safer as well as more convenient, which does mean there are no flaws, there is the obvious significantly higher price point. To get more news about best commercial security company, you can visit official website.

As one starts to enquire more about the pros and cons of smart locks, it is natural to ask the question, are smart door locks worth it, especially if you are a potential buyer.
A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device, smart lock lets users leave their house keys behind, and lock as well as unlock the doors with just the tap of a finger or even a simple voice command. Smart locks can also grant remote access, which means that you can unlock a door to let in a guest despite you being at work.

The majority of the smart locks come with both Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, which increases the ability to use remote features. Say a smart lock only supported Bluetooth connectivity, you would have connection problems if your front door was out of range of your smart home hub.
What Are The Advantages Of Smart Door Locks?
1. Increased Accessibility Without Compromising Security
House keys are often easily misplaced. If you wish to avoid tracking down keys or the process of changing the locks when tenants move out, you should consider smart locks with keypads. With many models, you can unlock the door with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. You also have the ability to assign your children their passcodes to monitor their entry as well as exit.

  1. Smart Locks Are Accessible Via Smartphones
    The virtual keys provide easy access to vacation rental guests, visiting relatives as well as aging family members. Smart door locks are a great addition to the security of your house. As you can also control them remotely via Smartphones.
  2. Simplify Home Security
    Smart keys provide you the ability to grant access to multiple people. You can also track who comes in and out of your home any time of the day or night.

  3. Boost Your Connectivity
    You can integrate your smart locks into your home security system by downloading the companion app onto your mobile device. Say one of the family members or house guests forgets to lock the door after they exit, smart locks have the ability to activate the locking mechanism.

  4. A lot of Options to Lock and Unlock the Property.
    If you happen to have a guest, tenant or a house cleaner who is not comfortable with technology, smart deadbolts with a traditional locking mechanism provide you an additional way to open as well as secure the lock. If you do not wish to rely solely on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can choose a keypad smart lock that stores the passcode directly on the locking mechanism.

There are a million different passcode possibilities, and the chances of someone randomly guessing your code or even brute-force hacking it is nearly impossible. On top of that, the digital keypad locks have a passcode disguise feature, this adds to the security and privacy of your keyless security.
6. Stylish Designs to Choose From
Whether you wish to have a simple design smart doorknob or a futuristic design, it can be done as keyless entry smart locks, you have a wide range of styles you can choose from. You can choose a model that looks like a traditional deadbolt. Or, you can choose the one that appeals to your aesthetics.

  1. Forget the Hideaway Key
    Are you still hiding the spare key under the flowerpot on your front porch? You know that is probably where everyone looks first. However, with smart locks, there is no hassle of spare keys

Say someone in your family forgets the key and can’t get into the house and you’re out running errands, you can just send them a passcode.

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