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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20

With the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20, the company has introduced a new smart door lock. Among other things, it promises maximum security, while the lock does without a classic door handle.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

The new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 adds to the Chinese company’s lineup of smart door locks, which was last expanded last year to include a model with facial recognition (the Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X).
However, the manufacturer has dispensed with a classic door handle in the new model. So how do you get the door open in the first place? On the one hand, you could open the corresponding door with a normal key in the classic way. But that would still not be a smart lock, would it?There are also other unlocking options. For example, the door can be opened via fingerprint (Xiaomi promises 98.94 percent accuracy) or with a PIN, which is entered directly via the M20’s integrated number field. Alternatively, NFC and Bluetooth are also available. Apple’s HomeKit is also supported.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20, which weighs around 4.65 kg, is powered by eight standard AAA batteries, which are conveniently included right out of the box. According to the manufacturer, they should last for about 10 months. If the batteries are empty, the lock can be temporarily powered via USB-C in an emergency.

Xiaomi uses a standard lock body with a 24/240 guide plate and thus allows mounting it on both the left and right side of the door. In addition, the lock defies even extreme temperatures and performs reliably between -25 degrees Celsius and +55 degrees Celsius.
The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 has so far been initially announced exclusively for the Chinese market, where it is available from JD‘s store. The RRP is 1,799 yuan, which corresponds to just under 252 euros. It is not yet known whether the Smart Lock will make it to Germany. This is not necessarily the case, since the predecessors are not available in Germany.

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