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The request for a letter of support from the council is a first and Jankara Karaoke Bar will now be able to increase its trading hours until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays and until 1am on Sundays over the weekends.To get more news about Melbourne City Karaoke, you can visit official website.

The two additional hours of liquor consumption was not seen as detrimental to the community due to the small size of the premises and its clean track record.
Cr Leppert said it was important to allow small licensed premises this privilege in order to keep the vitality of the city alive.

“It’s important to the vitality of the central city as a 24-hour city. This is a business that’s been in operation for 15 years, which is no small feat in itself, and it has had no track record of any issues,” he said. Victoria Police is also in favour of the liquor licence extension.

“This is a good first test of the new State Government’s new policies in this area, so I think this is an intelligent outcome and I hope to see more small bars with a really good rack record being granted the same sort of discretion that we see here,” Cr Leppert said.

A young man was bashed unconscious at a Melbourne karaoke bar, and his girlfriend also attacked when she tried to intervene.Security camera footage shows the 25-year-old man being repeatedly punched and kicked until he falls face down onto the floor.

Several men then continue to punch the unconscious victim, and kick him in the head, before turning on his 23-year-old girlfriend.Police say the attack, at a bar in Elizabeth St in Melbourne's CBD early on January 11, appears to have been triggered by something the man said.

"The male, after saying something, has obviously upset this group and has been punched and kicked unconscious," Detective Senior Constable Matt Folvig told reporters."Then, while his girlfriend has tried to protect him, she's also been assaulted several times."

The victims don't know the identity of their attackers, and police have released footage of the violence in the hope the public can help.Det Sen Const Folvig said although they were all drinking together before the incident, the victims were only acquaintances with their attackers.

"It appears to us that they've just known each other from other meetings at the karaoke bar, when they've been there in the past," he said.The male victim has little memory of the incident, which left him and his girlfriend with bruising."I'm very surprised there aren't more serious injuries given the viciousness of the assault," Det Sen Const Folvig said.

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