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Signature Program CAD Students Showcase Design Projects

Signature Program CAD Students Showcase Design Projects

Shawnee Mission Advanced Concepts in Computer Aided Design (CAD) students showcased their design projects for industry professionals in a gallery walk format at the Center for Academic Achievement. This culminating activity featured student projects using design software for which the students have chosen to become proficient and gain certification. To get more news about cad drawings, you can visit shine news official website.

Carver Simonelli, SM North senior, designed and shared a model created using Revit software. It included plans for two residences connected by a bridge.
“I found the project challenging with the addition of a connecting bridge for the two residences,” Simonelli shared. “The client communication was fun and I learned a great deal during the collaboration of the plans. I also learned that change happens often and quickly when designing.”
Other projects featured included a 3D printed model of a hinged pipe vise designed using Fusion software, AutoCad plans for a rail transport system, an ultra-light aircraft complete with engines designed in Fusion 360, along with several model and remodel plans using the REVIT software.

Brendan MacAuley, SM Northwest senior said this project helped him decide the direction he would like to take after high school, along with the resources he would like to use.

“Creating the 3D hinged pipe vise model challenged me,” MacAuley expressed. “It gave me exposure to numerous programs and the ability to expand on what I already knew.” MacAuley chose Fusion for the more mechanical opportunities it offers.

The students pitched their designs to industry professionals, who use the software, or similar on a daily basis. The professionals were asked to give feedback as to whether the work they saw was inferior, equal to, or superior to work they would expect from an entry-level worker. Students also presented to SMSD administrators and parents. The students used digital media, printed drawings, and 3D printing to present the details of their projects. “I was pleased to see that almost all of the work was judged as equal to the level of an entry-level worker. Some were higher!” shared Greg Thiel, Signature Program engineering instructor. “Their reward was knowing their work was seen as high quality.”

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