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Rainbow Six Siege Y4S3 leak details

R6 Credits It’s only been a day since Operation Phantom Sight launched and fans already have a new round of operator leaks to sink their teeth into. The Y4S3 operator abilities are rumored to be a deployable shield with some kind of flame cannister and a hatch-ascending attacker.

The attacker as earlier leaks suggested will indeed have a grappling hook. This will allow them to grapple up to top hatches which at this point are unusable by attackers – save for taking a shot an enemy above. The grappling hook can also be used to go through windows and such.

The leaks come from the same source as most of the trusted leaks in recent history. With a strong track record for getting information correct it’s safe to assume that at least part of the new information will be accurate. Fans had already heard rumors of an attacker that would be able to ascend hatches but the defender is a completely new leak.

As for the defender their so called “special deployable shield” has a special canister that spreads fire around when destroyed. It’s not exactly clear how this will play into the meta; the leaker’s description certainly leaves room for interpretation.

Additionally the leak claims that there are issues with the engine limitations. The engine troubles are being downplayed and are “more crippling than it has been talked about in public,” according to the leaker when quoting their source. While this is a vague statement cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits it might be reflective of why fans are seeing so many issues pop up in Siege this season. From dropshotting to claymore and operator exploits this season is already a bit problematic. provides you the cheapest and fastest R6 Credits all of the game coins are 100% safe! Come on!5% coupon:amvip

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