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I walked awkwardly

I walked awkwardly, and my heart was as hopeful as the field at this time, but still full of depression. Surrounded by ashes, the thick rainy silk is silent and endless, showing off the richness of the sky [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], while exposing the ripples of the sky. The umbrella corners intermittently drip some spring rain. Too much like the early spring in my heart, the drizzle of the early spring, the sorrow in the drizzle, my hands are unintentionally close to my forehead, probably wanting to take some fog, pick up the umbrella for a moment, the road ahead A small blue umbrella jumped into my gaze, and my heart moved involuntarily. The umbrella was the first time I saw it on this small road that had passed through countless times, as if it was not so dark. However, it was a subtle, subtle, coming approach, and a small, clear and clear umbrella floated to me with the owner's brisk and free footsteps. I don't know what to cover up. I changed from being as eager to be serious and not slow. It��s going to be opposite, the path on the side of Tian Hao is very narrow, and I subconsciously gathered the umbrella. As long as he lifted his hand slightly, the umbrella could float from my head, but he changed his umbrella and book to his hand, then tilted the top of the umbrella to the side of the field, and let the whole body soak in the rain. The moment he passed by, he smiled apologetically, and I faintly repaid it in a hurry. However, my smile was only left to the rain-blue jacket behind him, white shoes, and a little humble smile. Introverted but unstoppable youthfulness, especially the book in his hand... the book with a pale green cover, I think it must be a collection of poems... I was stunned by the spring, I didn��t think I needed an umbrella in my hand. Open up, there is no courage to look back, because compared with him, I only have the same young heart. At this point, the roadside fading yellow can only re-emerge from the soil, the wormwood is full of tears, accidentally touched, will smash the wet clothes. The deciduous small trees in the wormwood stalks that are destined to grow up are not the only ones [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], and they are staring at the geese, so I can see a little surprise... Spring is indeed real. I sincerely pray that these geese can survive the chilly spring and grow their own light green. My light green, I longed for the light green, I saw the kind of light green that I longed for, but unfortunately, held in his hand, held in his hand and took away, I stood in the umbrella The place, reaching out, looking up, wanting to collect all the rain on the face, or into the arms, but the sky is far from satisfying my greed, only a few cool stars; only so few How many. I can't pour through every eager cell in my body, nor can I make all the pores I expect to grow green, and then weave a book with a pale green cover that disappears in the rain. Many years later, I walked in this early spring. In the drizzle, there is still a passionate surging in my heart, as if I was crazy about the spring when I was a teenager. Rain! A good understanding of the rain! Confess the words that the language can't express [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url]. There are many embarrassments in life that cannot escape and cannot be retained. The mind often trembles in a beautiful moment, returns to reality, and laughs at himself ridiculously. I am grateful that unless I want to say it, I will not break the rain! Slim rain! How many troubles and sorrows are analyzed to get rid of. Many of the excitement and prosperity of life complement each other, and the tacit understanding of mutual affection is difficult for many people to find or encounter in their lifetime, but I have been fascinated by the eyes of his eyes in the rain. The original tacit understanding can also happen to a person who has a fate in a moment of affiliation, sincerely from the bottom of my heart and without a declaration. From then on, I dreamed of youth, dreaming of good, dreaming of a vibrant face always with a smile, so shallow can not be shallow smile, let me be obsessed with sorrow and even sadness, but can not Answer what kind of emotion is that. When the blood has passed through the blending of many rejuvenation rains, I think that since this smile is just in the early spring of my cardamom, I have entered my dream from now on, so that I can��t help it if I want to erase it from my memory [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], then it��s my life. No words start, nor the end of the "first love" rain! Rain in early spring! The light green in the rain is my vitality, my poems, my dreams, even though I have no love and hands in this life, but I am careful. It is a pity that my barren heart cannot let this pale green flourish and grow vigorous hope. But this light green, but it allows me to accept the days and ages in a responsible and responsible manner. While drifting away from my dreams [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], I often take out the heart that fell in the mud and wash it again and again. The earth makes the dreams become innocent and pure, just like the trees will be old, but the tree's perception and love for spring will not be old.
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