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So a sofa that's been dropped from 800 buy wow classic gold to 400 that's just not sold in two weeks time then it will be dropped again in price."Marks and Spencer has launched a half price wine dealHow can you spot a potential sale item before it hits stores? It is easy for staff to recognise what going to be in the sale but is it for customers?Well, the trick may be in looking out for the small notes on the barcode."You can always tell what's going to be in the sale," said an ex staff member."Staff write a letter and number in pen or pencil next to the barcode. For example say a t shirt may have R8 on it that would mean red and 8. So if the barcode has a small letter and number written on two weeks before the sale it usually means it going to be in there."Some customers may not realise that we do get stock in, some customers return sale items later that day too."Be nice to staff "we have got sale stuff in the back, some customers used to speak to us poorly which didn make us want to help them but we will always try and do our best." Bring water "You need water, it gets really hot..

8MbAbstractDental development is frequently used to reconstruct life history in primates for which little other information exists. In addition to the regular growth increments visible in histological tooth sections, accentuated lines are thought to form at the time of stressful events in the lives of individual animals. However, our understanding of when, how and why such accentuated lines form in relation to stressful events is limited.

The end of the day, we all just there to say hi to each other and get out and do these things together that the main concern for us. Was born with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition that causes the left side of his heart to beat much larger than usual, which means the valves stretch and don close properly. He received his first transplant at 18 months old and a second one when he was five..

Leonie Carroll, of Middleton, was diagnosed with cancer in September last year and went through intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the disease.She died on July 7 just days after her 28th birthday at Springhill Hospice in Rochdale.Leonie and her partner Jack Connolly were childhood sweethearts and have been together since they were 14 years old.Read more of today top stories here The couple have a seven year old daughter named Remae and Jack has quit his job as a fire sprinkler engineer, which required working away, to take care of his little girl full time.Leonie first underwent radiotherapy before moving onto a mixture of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.She spent a number of weeks at Springhill Hospice in Rochdale, which Jack said he thank them enough for everything they did for Leonie. She was unbelievably hardworking. She would get up at 5.30am to sort Remae out, take her to school, rush to work while I was working away, rush back."Nobody has a bad thing to say about Leonie.

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