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Cable Granulator Machine manufacturers

Cable Granulator Machine manufacturers Description:
Our Dry Type Copper Cable Recycling Machines are widely used in the field of scrap cable recycling, by which the scrap cables can be processed into small clean particles and the copper and plastic particles can be automatically separated and collected. It is equipped with an intelligent PLC computer system that automates a series of shredding, separation, granulation, dust collection and recycling processes as the material enters through the feed opening. In addition, we equip it with airflow sorting equipment to achieve a sorting rate of over 99%. With this highly efficient recycling machine, metal recycling plants can recycle scrap metal in a short time and make high profits.
1. Our Dry Type Copper Cable Recycling Machines are equipped with an advanced control system with dual converters and PLC controllers for fast recovery and sorting of raw materials.
2. The machine has automatic self-protection and alarm devices, which allow the operator to notice immediately if a fault occurs during the machine's operation.
3. It has a shredder blade made of high grade alloy steel, which will operate for a long time and will not be easily damaged, with low maintenance and replacement costs.
NameDry Type Copper Wire Recycling Machine
Applicable wire diameter range1-30mm
Processing capacity300-320kg/h
Voltageas required(3 phases)
Packing and Delivering:
When we send the CG-600B copper cable wire to recycle the granulator out of the factory, the granulator will be packed with exported standard plastic film and pearl cotton. Then the copper recycling machine is put into a 20GP container directly for shipping.
Preparation before operating the copper cable granulator:
1. Make sure there is enough power support in the workshop.
2. Make enough space to set the granulator machine.
3. Make sure the ground is flat and clean.
We supply a detailed installation guidance manual and operating manual together with orders.Cable Granulator Machine manufacturers

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