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PET Card Film Free Sample

PET Card Film Free Sample Introduction
The clear Self Adhesive PET Film has good adhesion resistance and moisture and heat aging resistance.

Product parameters
Length/width锛坢m锛?/p> Specificationrequirements卤1
Squareness锛坢m/m锛?/p> 鈮?.2
Thickness锛坢m锛?/p> 0.05
Heating shrinkage 150鈩冿紝30minMD/TD鈮?.8%
Tensile strength锛圡Pa锛?/p> MD/TD鈮?0

Lamination process
Lamination conditionHot pressingCold pressing
Temperature锛堚剝锛?/p> 120锝?50鈮?5
Time锛坢in锛?/p> 3020

The surface personalized processing method of the clear Self Adhesive PET Film is basically the same as that of PVC tape adhesive film.
Pet base material is resistant to high temperature and does not deform.
Use environmentally friendly materials, no solvents, no exhaust emissions.

Our Company
The company can not only provide customers with cost-effective environmental protection products through independent research and development, but also provide customers with personalized overall solutions and high-quality professional technical services.

Pre-sale services:
1. Providing professional technical support.
2. Send the product catalog and instruction manual.
3. If you have any question please contact us online or send us email, we promise we will give you a reply at the first time!
4. Personal call or visit are warmly welcome.

Sale of services:
1. We promise honest and fair, it's our pleasure to serve you as your purchasing consultant.
2. We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantities strictly implement the terms of contract...

After-sales service:
1. 24-hour telephone service.PET Card Film Free Sample

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