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Sitting in the depths

Sitting in the depths of the hustle and bustle, the lights are flashing, the songs are wave after wave [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], and there are some uneasy noises in the wonderful enjoyment, floating in the night. Life at this time is like a bottle of non-sticky paste. I try to bond, neither a physical contact nor a mental connection. Singing as much as you can, you can sing your singers at the same table, and you can make Xiaofang girl feel bitter. Lyrics and expressions do not exist, but these do not affect the original force of a party. Sometimes, we just need an occasional indulgence or a distorted conversation. Some people are using WeChat to connect with the outside world, which somewhat strips off the joy of being present. This has a natural fit with some of the sentiments of life. We inevitably have to ignore what we have. My thoughts floated between the hustle and bustle, unconsciously remembering someone, something, some scenery. When my spirit is outside the body. The world seems to be blurred. I am in and out, the world is the same, I walk and not go, this world is also the same. As if my body and mind need a sticky substance to suture. There are always people toasting, and I have proved that I am still alive and again, and I have been deeply valued by these people. The pouring of alcohol gradually gave me some awareness, and some thoughts that I wanted to excite myself. But I can't find that point. The point of the honey that makes my body and mind happy is a smile on my face. I can always guess what I am at any moment. thought. She knew that there was such a person walking around in my world. From a dot to a back, to a dot. The length of this time is enough to span my entire puberty. My indifference and decisiveness to love comes from a serious internal injury. If I don't encounter a gentle hand and give me the warmth of the stretch, I think I have long been the existence of a man on the wall. When I was young, he was the specific object of my worship of love. When I understood that I had just made a beautiful dress on the head of that person, that person became an important role in my spiritual world. As long as it is related to love, I have to read through the old ones [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. Therefore, the existence of that person becomes a necessity. It is my important spiritual home for love. After each comparison and analogy, that person will have some beautiful ornaments on his body. Everything I like is imposed on him without exception. The tides of the Bohai Sea are rising and falling, and the cloud rolling clouds of Wushan are totally related to that person. Between the lights and shadows, I suddenly have a feeling of wanting to make that person concrete. What kind of scene would it be if I had been portraying the person who suddenly appeared in my life? My eyes crossed the blurred lights and searched for this group. He, will it be one of the people in front of you? From this to the other, I put the clothes that I tailored for that person to these people. In fact, none of them is suitable. This made me somewhat depressed, and after I was depressed, I felt grateful. I am glad that I can always have that person. When I forget love between Chami, that person is like a torch, illuminating a confused road. I know that the journey of my life is the process of a flower from blooming to dying. From the initial bright, slowly lose water, and finally become dried flowers. This seems to be an inevitable process of life. I just wanted to set a resistance to this process and the existence of that person is the most powerful weight for me to set this resistance. Because of him, my love has always been alive [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url]. I firmly believe that with a woman with love, the speed of aging will be slower and sometimes, and delusion will become a secret flower in the depths of thought. This spiritual fullness must have a carrier. This carrier can be an interest, a pursuit, and more often, for a woman, it is just a wonderful idea about love. For me, it belongs to only one person. I deeply know that even if that person has never appeared in my life, he must have a vivid shadow. In this way, my love for love has a fulcrum. This fulcrum, it can give me endless power. I often imagine myself as a fish in the sea, accidentally falling into the fisherman's net, and being carefully cared for in the fish tank. The fish lost the vast ocean and was confined to a small world. But no one can stop the fish from missing their hometown. How wonderful my hometown is! There are freedom, love, flowers, the moon, poetry, and the waves of life everywhere. The important thing is that person, he has been standing there waiting for me. I have so many shortcomings, but that person is so perfect. Most importantly, he has always been loyal to me. He gave me a lifetime to miss his right to own him. I am sure that there must be such a person in my life. He serves as the perfect sustenance for my love. For him, there will be no missed days like missing, and there will be no happiness and pain that will be lost and lost. He can never actually appear in my life, but he must live specifically in my life.
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