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Last night's heavy

Last night's heavy rain, washing the dust, plucking the impetuous, the faint charm of the summer with the scent of flowers is more intense. With a good mood, I will take a quiet summer after the rain, and meet with friends to integrate into the summer scenery. Falling into a piece of paper is elegant and elegant Parliament Cigarettes, and I remember a glimpse of the passing of life, and I��m a little bit sorrowful. In the vastness of the smoke, the lake is in the water, the breeze, the clear waves, the shallow whirlpool, the long-lasting feelings, the swaying body and mind, the fun, the thoughts condensed into a million emotions, do not have an ambition in mind. The old dream of the full moon of Liuhu, involving the rolling tide, in the ups and downs, ups and downs to see the worldly dust, scattered and reminiscent of a hundred years of life, the bottom of the heart is the purity and true feelings behind the scenery. Drizzle weaving, drizzle and dense, if you have a dream, bloom in the home page of the fire in July, swaying and swaying with the wind. So I instantly fell into the rich flavor of the full lake, suffocating in your picturesque scenery. Inadvertently looking back, you will be reconciled to your body and mind in an instant, the lake gently sets off the fog, like smoke, illusion, ethereal, like a blurred scene in the fairyland. The water and the sky meet, the world is compatible, the lingering distance, the water and the sky. The lake is crystal clear, the bottom of the moss, the swaying grass, the fish swim in groups, although not the myth of the Crystal Palace, it is better than the scenery of the Crystal Palace. Suddenly, I saw a fish that was half a meter long and wiped the edge of the boat. The streamlined body was wonderful. It wasn��t the avatar of the legendary mermaid that appeared in the world Newport 100S, in close contact with the tourists. Play a glimpse of mist, such as cotton, light and lively, squatting on the lake, holding the sky, interpretation of the unique style of Hengshui Lake, which is still half-covered, let the gods engrave this with special ink rhyme The shackles of the gods. There is no scorching sun, no secular infestation, lakes and snorkeling, and the magical powers of nature give this exquisite water world a graceful charm. The different colors and the colorful brocades are laid on the lake like a mirror, and the greenery of the water is smashed. Perhaps, only in the summer will you appreciate the enthusiasm of the lake and the exquisite and exquisite weather. This subtle weather can best reflect the unique beauty and beauty of Hengshui Lake. In order to take a wonderful moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake, the Hengshui Lake people surge. move. Among the tourists who are weaving, I don��t know who��s twin sisters, I��m stripped of my shoes and socks, and I put white and tender little feet into the lake. The delicate feet hit the water from time to time, and occasionally my feet are like a small pulp. Clearly paddling the water, stirring up the clusters of white waves. The splashing splash of water, wet the sister's clothes, the sister is more careful, I saw her grasping the railing with one hand, the other hand reaching into the water, fishing a water grass, secretly placed on the neck of her sister Above. My sister suddenly felt a bit itch and squirmed softly. The sister looked at the scenery and was only happy to laugh. The innocence and purity infect everyone around me. I was close to the little sisters, and my emotions were immediately infected by their cuteness and innocence, as if they had turned back to the once-infant childhood. My sister was quite scheming. When I saw a kind smile, I smiled sweetly: "Grandpa! Let��s take a photo?" So I have a pretty and lively little angel standing on both sides of the left, in order to keep This is a wonderful moment, so I asked the people around me to take a photo. Just as the lens focused on me, it seems that my mentality is suddenly younger, and I can��t help but be full of childlikeness and childlikeness... The child��s heart is full of joy in the lake Cigarettes Online. Open the dust of memory, the once-secured ice heart gradually warmed up in the green lake, in the clear memory, step into the rich life of the fall, although I often linger on the lakeshore, kneeling on the lake bank, and very Less on the lake, the boat is swaying, today is the second time to sway the Hengshui Lake. It's not that I don't like to go boating on the lake, but I prefer to walk along the lush green green of the lake, and I can't have a bit of fun in the light and idle. Perhaps, only by walking and enjoying this way, all the scenery will be sent to the pulse of jumping with emotion. At this time, in my eyes, Hengshui Lake has been far more than just a landscape, but it has gradually been activated and evolved into a magical and magical world. Even if it is a static scene that is condensed into a pure motion, even if it loses the grace of all kinds of styles, it can also fall into the heart of the heart, implant the memory of red dust, vi
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