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PNE Invest In Digital Transformation With Digital Display Partners ADI

PNE Invest In Digital Transformation With Digital Display Partners ADI

ADI, who are based just two and a half miles from the club's historic stadium, have installed a digiBOARD perimeter system and an LED stadium screen, with the brand new digital platform giving Deepdale an instant modernisation.Get more news about Led Perimeter Display,you can vist our website!
digiBOARD LED Perimeter

ADI have installed over 240 linear metres of MT digiBOARD LED perimeter, bringing a digital transformation to the in-bowl experience at Deepdale.

ADI’s market-leading LED perimeter product will bring commercial revenue for the club, with the more appealing, dynamic platform leveraging more value from current sponsors and making it easier to attract new commercial partnerships.

This will assist PNE in building a larger portfolio of national and local businesses looking to associate themselves with the historic club.

To ensure the smooth running of content displayed on the digiBOARDS, ADI will be operating the matchday creative inventory adding to the overall fan experience.
As part of PNE’s wider investment, ADI have also upgraded the previous LED screen, seeing the installation of a 10mm high resolution LED display on the Bill Shankly Kop, this screen using ADI’s own proprietary MT LED modules.

The screen will be used to display multiple types of content, such as the live matchday feed, brand partnerships, team sheets and fan-facing entertainment.

Lisa Whittaker, Senior Commercial Manager at Preston North End, expresses that, “We’re delighted to be teaming up with ADI as our official digital display partners. ADI are comfortably the UK’s leading LED stadium suppliers, so their pedigree really speaks for itself.

“After investing in our first LED solutions with ADI over ten years ago, we have witnessed first-hand the commercial impact such technology can have with our sponsors, and we’re looking forward to enhancing this further with our brand-new LED perimeter and LED screen.

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