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LumaSlim Twice a week for minutes will be quite enough. Despite the full body workout with the help of the BFU, it will be very useful to supplement the workout with abdominal exercises. As a result, your entire arsenal consists of only exercises presented in table Exercise Major working muscles squats front thighs, buttocks, lower back deadlight on straight legs whole back, back of thighs, buttocks bench press chest, shoulders, back of hands twists forward and reverse straight abdominal muscles turns legs tilted to the side abdominal oblique’s, rectus abdominals The main task is to correctly determine the sequence of these exercises. Squats and deadlights should be placed at the beginning of the workout. Press lying is better to do after squats, rather than after the deadlight. Exercises on the press are well combined both with BFU, and with each other and put them better at the end of the workout. Table shows the recommended number of approaches and reps for each exercise. Your chosen rest time between sets try not to change throughout the whole cycle. Try to strictly follow the pauses, best of all, if you have a stopwatch on hand. table Exercise Number of approaches Number of repetitions Pause, sec. squats deadlight on straight legs bench press twisting kicks Each exercise of the main complex squatting, deadlight and bench press should include mandatory warm-up approaches, each repetitions. The weight of the bar in the last warm-up approach should be about of the worker. Breaks between warm-up approaches should not exceed half a minute. Press exercises do not require warm-up approaches, since they are performed at the end of the workout when the muscles are already well warmed up. Training should be preceded by a general warm-up. Start with warming up the neck and feet. The main task of the warm-up is to warm up the joints and tendons, which can be achieved with primary and twisting movements.

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