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Steve Waugh shoulder arms

Wasim had a style of his own. He'd shuffle to the crease, transfer his weight from back foot to front, and with an incredibly swift arm action left fly with a searing bouncer, a late inswinging yorker, or a ball he held back to lure the batsman into an indiscreet off- or cover drive. The best Pakistani fast bowler since the halcyon days of Imran Khan, Wasim was a match-winner with the ball, but I also recall him once batting with Imran when both of them hit centuries at the Adelaide Oval to thwart an Australian victory.

I've seen some fabulous left-arm pace bowlers in my time, including Alan Davidson and Garry Sobers Wholesale Cigarettes Online, but none of them at their top quite gets above Wasim. He invariably wove some magic and brought the deadest of pitches to life. I can still see in that Adelaide Test Steve Waugh shoulder arms to a wonderful inswinging yorker that would have scattered all three uprights, ending up being palpably lbw.

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