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After reading the part of "Time and Space Lovers" last week, I can't help but think: If I also have the special function of "returning to my past", what will I do? The protagonist used this skill to recover a lot of unexpected mistakes, but found that Change one thing, then other things that have happened, good or bad, will cease to exist. Time moves forward with its inherent trajectory. It won't stop for anyone, nor will it give anyone twice more regrets in life Online Cigarettes. It's hard to be in the morning. "If", we often say, "If you spend more time with your parents!" At the beginning, I simply had the kind of person with the special function - any mistake can be corrected Marlboro Gold, everything can be perfect, any Failures can start all over again. If you can go back to the past and reshape the past, why bother to go every step of the way! But things have changed slowly. It turns out that going back to the past can't stop the loved ones from leaving, can't stop people from loving or not loving you, and can't stop the time from moving forward. Your life is still at that stage, and things are never going. "If that's fine," it's as simple as "if that", the old troubles don't exist, and there will be new troubles. Things have changed, but they don't necessarily become better. The first language class in the new semester Parliament Cigarettes, the teacher said that since it is not going back, then "don't get caught up in the past." In fact, even if I can go back, changing everything can't change who I am, just like repackaging life and enjoying it a bit, the content is much the same. At the end of the film, the protagonist passed through to the past to visit the father who had passed away. The father suggested that he go through two times a day to discover the lost happiness, but he said, no need. He wants to treat each day as the future��perhaps to pass through the end of life, as if to re-enjoy this short life. Seeing this, I suddenly became very open. Since no one can go back to my past, I have never seen it today, and I will not come back. Instead of wanting to change the past to have a good present, it is better to cherish it now and have a better tomorrow. Just assume that I am coming back from the end of my life to enjoy such a short life. In fact, every minute and every second is not like it seems, I can squander at will, every detail should not be missed if I really can Going back to the past special functions, I will never choose to go back to the past, because I firmly believe that I will not give up the future of the future and return to the present, so I am only in the non-absolute time and space view, happiness is actually So simple. Sigh "can't go back." Not as good as knowing that "can't come back
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