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got ugly quick. Reports swirled yesterday

Well Fred Biletnikoff Jersey , that that Antonio Brown had been held out of the Steelers’ finale against the Bengals because he violated some rules in practice. Then it turned out he had thrown a football at a teammate at practice and then walked out. And THEN it turned out said teammate was Ben Roethlisberger. Today, word comes that Brown has requested a trade from the Steelers. Will he get his wish? The money might suggest that it would be difficult.Still, the Steelers are never one to coddle a headache like this. You keep your head down and you play, or you can go. So perhaps they would eat that dead money for the right compensation- it’s not like they have a big problem at receiver.Antonio Brown is already 30, but he’s one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and has been for some time. One of the big problems for the Raiders this year was a lack of offensive weapons, and what better way to make a splash for newly minted Raiders GM Mike Mayock than to make a play for an elite player right off the bat?The Raiders have three first-round picks Jack Tatum Jersey , let’s say they trade the Bears pick for Brown. That would make the trade, essentially, Khalil Mack for Antonio Brown and another first rounder. That looks exponentially better than Mack for two dice-roll college players, even considering Brown’s age.So what do you think, Raider Nation? Should Oakland be on the phone as we speak, seeing what they can get for Brown? Do you think the Steelers would even take Oakland’s second rounder for Brown? Or is this all a charade and Brown isn’t going anywhere? The next stop on the Nathan Peterman workout tour will be Oakland.Peterman Marcus Allen Jersey , who worked out for the Buccaneers on Tuesday and has previously worked out for the Broncos, will next work out for the Raiders, according to Ryan Talbot of report describes Raiders coach Jon Gruden as “very high on” Peterman, although it’s hard to imagine how anyone who has seen Peterman play could actually be high on him. Peterman has been the worst quarterback in the NFL over the last two seasons, with three touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and a passer rating of 32.5.The Bills cut Peterman last month and he’s been out of the NFL since. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some team pick Peterman up in the offseason Bo Jackson Jersey , when there are 90-player rosters and teams are looking for an extra arm to work with their receivers. It would be very surprising to see Peterman ever land on a 53-player roster again, however, and it would be shocking to see any team actually trust him to play in a regular-season game.

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