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I walked silently, walking in one-way time, unable to look back. The lost youth has become a distant memory. It seems that I have never been there, but I have kept it in my heart. Those happy days have already left me. Those painful feelings have become my favorite youth. When you When you carry it, it is worthless, and when it is exhausted, everything has meaning. I miss very much, when we were children, we dig wild vegetables together; I miss it, we used to say that in two words, two small hands are hooked together. When I was young, I thought I was very young, because the wrinkles at that time were away from us Cigarettes For Sale. Very far, so I feel that the advantage of my youth is to enjoy the time. I am like a galloping horse riding on a lush green grass. Everything is so beautiful. It can only be remembered, once debauchery, once Crazy, once ignorant, now want to come, may also be a thing of nostalgia in life, but like a drop of falling water, the beauty of everything that can not be saved is about to vanish, we once indulged, once crazy, but only for better memories Unforgettable is a love letter written in the wind filled with a paper, and the heavy weight drags the whole person's heart. Still dreaming beautiful, waiting for love, I don't read novels Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I look like people in the novel, dreaming of heaven, love, lotus pond, everything is beautiful, as long as it is gone in youth; everything is unforgettable As long as you have passed away in youth. Those who have not gotten it before are also a rare feeling. Now standing on the edge of youth, experience the feeling of leaving Carton Of Cigarettes, vicissitudes, helplessness. I can only lift my feet and continue on my way. No one in this world can truly feel the pain of another person. Pain, how much youth can I have, how much time can I still fill my future? I used to struggle for love, but I made my weakest point fragmented. I finally understood that I finally realized that the capital that youth left for me was just enough to make me have enough reasons to be bruised. Youth, the ethereal world, let yourself wander in a world of dreams and illusions, look at flowers in the fog, and look at the moon in the water. Youth is a poetic book, and time is an eternal theme. Out of youth, how much time do I have to wear shoes as a capital for investment, pat the dust, make great strides, I can't look back... Maybe, at a moment when I can stay, I flip through the calendar and let everything float again. In the gap between time and reality, youth and beauty are just as fragile as dry paper.
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