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sweet as it u

On the road of growth, after falling again and again, I climbed again and again, and fell again and again. Insufficient ability, it should have been realized, the mortal of the last days. - The inscription once again woke up in a dream, but it was not as sweet as it used to be, and the little belly was filled with bitter water. One day, only one time, but it was bruised. I don��t know it, it��s new, it��s old, it��s bitter, it��s sweet. Dream 1 luxury stage, dazzling lights. Psychedelic white mist, the rainbow of the corridor. Dance, songs have passed, asked, past, and there is nowhere to hide under the weak heart, a huge slaughterhouse, a dazzling laser. The rush of death, the confusion of what. But only the ant beast, the person is yelling. Death, death, death, no land to escape. Dream 2's faint inner lie set up a palace with a luxury Cigarettes For Sale. The vivid inscriptions, the repressed portraits, and the ingenious work are from the mouth of the righteous gentleman. Bo poor, Bo sympathy, Bo eyeballs. The corrosion of the years, only the body of the crystal can be left, and then the view, the bones are not saved. Escape, escape, escape, everyone refers. Dream 3 is called ��, �� extension. The hypocrisy of human nature. Unlike everyone else, they can only be fools, and they are blind, but they are already blind. Sigh, why; hurt, why. The heavy liquid nitrogen forest has already eroded the body. Occasionally, the flock ran, the squid game, but numbness, pain in the heart. Worry, worry, worry, and others. Dream 4 vomiting, ventral, sore, power failure. Again and again, the fainting, standing up again and again, ended up with a new round of crowding, the remnants of the last days, all day long in the narrow alleys. Maybe he can return to the soul, but he will not be able to withstand the destruction of the spirit. The world of the strong is no longer suitable for survival. Pain, pain, pain, and day to day. The teenager who dreams of 5 is like a girl in the word. If you whisper softly, you will face red and red, your heart beat like a shuttle, you have forgotten it, and things are human. The vast grasslands, the blue sky of the aura, the nowhere to run, nowhere to sing. Unconsciously, the full shackles have long forbidden the body and cannot move. Injury, injury, injury, and vitality. Dream 6 empty school gallery, endless book sea. I am struggling, I don��t understand only a dry duck. Inability to test water, unable to scorn. The bird of Hongjun, the beast of the scorpion, the squid, has long been tired, has long been used to, can not compete again, and died on the shore. Looking around, there is only an endless abyss, why not swim. Hey, hey, hey, numbness, timeless scrubbing, wake up again, his heart is already empty, numbness. Hardly lifting the pen is not a dust in the eyes of the predecessors. Growing up, it should have been realized for a long time - if it is a quark Newport 100S, why can it be saved?
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