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These Five Things I Know Are True

:#1. If Elway and Joseph had Patrick Mahomes on the roster Dre’Mont Jones Denver Broncos Jersey , he’d still be on the bench behind Alex Smith/Case Keenum, because they’re too spineless to take a shot with a young and unproven signal caller.#2. If Vance Joseph and John Elway think it’s the right thing to do, odds are it’s the wrong thing to do. Bench the #3 guard in the NFL? Yeah, and our run game suffered. Keep trotting out Keenum? Yeah, and watch us keep sucking. Trade Talib? How’s that working out for you? Don’t want to pay Wade to be our DC? Our once proud defense is now a neutered puppy.#3. The fans are speaking, and the Broncos need to listen. 9,100+ no shows says something. Now do it again the next home game against Houston if VJ is still our coach and Keenum is still our QB. The fans are the customers. There is no TV revenue if the fans aren’t watching. Elway needs to be reminded of this. The fans pay their salary. If the fan base goes away, so too does football.#4. John Elway needs to do the unthinkable: He needs to mend fences with Mike Shanahan and bring him back as a head coach (not GM) but definitely have input with him. Elway needs to never meddle with the coaching and decision making again. He’s crossing into the Jerry Jones territory, and it’s a bad look. Shanahan is no “yes man” and he’s not really in a position to say “I want all GM duties as well” seeing he’s failed at that the last few time’s he’s been given it. People said Elway wouldn’t bring back Kubiak, but he did. People said Elway wouldn’t bring back Wade Phillips, but he did. People say he won’t bring Shanahan back... ball’s in your court John. Rumor has it, Mike still lives in Denver!#5. The tired people saying “If the Broncos really thought they had a player in Chad Kelly, wouldn’t they be playing him by now?” NO! Vance Joseph is incompetent and John Elway can’t evaluate QBs to save his damn life!Want to know why Kelly is the one? Look no further than because VJ and Elway aren’t playing him! The enemy of my enemy is my friend! So when the most incompetent HC in Broncos history, and the GM who thought Paxton F’ing Lynch, Brock Osweiller, and Case Keenum were the answers thinks that Kelly isn’t the truth, well, that should point to the fact that Chad Kelly is a true franchise guy. And the fans are now demanding a change. BONUS #6 Lets curb this “Suck for the Duck” nonsense. Honest to God anyone who says that at this point has zero clue about football. You MUST find out what you have in Chad Kelly before you start tanking a season for a draft choice QB.

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