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Foxes and Cyborg Gnomes will be the new races of World of Warcraft

buy WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft is about to receive one of the most significant changes corresponding to its current expansion Battle For Azeroth.

The popular MMO game after significantly rebounding its success after the premiere of WoW Classic is now ready to release two new races throughout the game as well as substantial improvements and changes.

This is how Blizzard announced it a few hours ago after the company released an extensive video detailing in just under 20 minutes everything that will be the next patch 8.3 which together with changes in Stormwind and Ogrimar will bring new dungeons .

Specifically the Vulpera and the MechaGnomes will be these new extroverted races of the game that will arrive to diversify the fictional universe of the franchise buy safe WOW Classic Gold now having the possibility to play new meetings from the Horde and the Alliance respectively.

At the moment there are not many details that the study revealed in addition to the aesthetics and new features that will surprise you since the new update.

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